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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Is it because of death anniversary of Mahathma Ghadhi !!!! Don't think So.
Sadly I am not that much Patriotic :-(

Today After lunch in room and a catnap, I hang on the current bug, which deals with Memory fragments. Thought many solutions outof which 3 are reasonable, only two are under my control.(Confidential matters !!!) . Thought about fix and possible breakage, I walked out of the room and locked it with automated -7 levers-lock.

Only two steps... I had realised that I forgot Key inside, which is always kept in my wallet. yup I had forgot that too. ok why worry ??? just call Bijoy to bring key :-)

Where is mobile !!! I forgot that too :-(. never mind.Only a five minute walk... just goto company take the key from Bijoy, come back , take those two. Just two more steps !!!

where is My ID card !!!!
what to do now.

Why I need a ID card ? The gate security will issue a temporary card.
Who is going to call me at this time ??!! so why Mobile phone ;-)
If I don't want to take my mobile, why to collect key from Bijoy !!!
Ohh I forgot I have to take my wallet !!!
Why ?
I can approach a few in the company without any second thought.

So I am free !!! no need to carry anything. I really felt it.

This is how I made my second 'memorable day' by forgetting things [to do]


forgot to add one thing

Same day around 4 O'clock:
Unexpectedly Bijoy came near to me and asked.

"How come you are here?"
"here is your ID card and mobile phone; you forgot this in your room"
"ohh Did you went there"
"then why didn't you brought my wallet %$#@"
"????? !!!!!"

i was in doubt u changed man .no no ur still good old joju.dont make that chicken stories too e vident i wanna cry remembering old days bye for now man

Hi joju,

Your blog is quite impressive. The way you express ur innerself is laudable. Keepgoing man....

Anoop Surendran

@ Anon

you *must* be my [old] roommate.
Aaraada nee ?

formally, thanks for your comment !!!