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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Wishing a Happy Teacher's Day to all my respected teachers, especially my class teachers from 1 to 10.

std 1 C Rosily teacher
std 2 B Annama teacher
std 3 A Kathrina teacher (amazing capability to teach)
std 4 A Kathrina teacher (my father influenced HM to move myself into her class)
std 5 D Davis mashu.
std 6 B Annie teacher (rarely she was known by that name)
std 7 C Limcy teacher (she was very pretty and very good/dedicated/young teacher; I guess, She was the only one without a nick name)
std 8 C Maggi teacher
std 9 C Chinnma teacher
std10 A Susaanth mashu (the person who forced his students to think)

but my all time favorite teacher is Malathi teacher. She taught us Malayalam in her fabulous way. Her story telling capabilities were highly impressive. Through her I knew Mahabharatha and Ramayana in its passion. She broke the ice of 'vrutham', 'alankaram' etc like tough things. Some teacher's presence motivated us to study their subject. No wonder why I hate Chemistry from 9th onwards. No wonder why it became one of my favorite subjects after Prof. K P Antony’s lecturers. No wonder why we ( classmates) love Prof. Radhakrishna and Vrinda Madam.

Surprisingly I was also a teacher. Couldn't I motivate my students? Couldn't I influence them to study programming? Apart from making my lectures interesting, my main focus was to create a Linux oriented culture through out the department. It was the-best-page in my life. A handful of good students!!! Amazing

I love all my teachers. I can not forget two teachers for their contribution to my programming skills. yup... our favorite pce and prof. Manoj Kumar.

Hello Teachers!!!

Teaching is the best profession in the world as far as I know. You are the best person to guide the youth of India. You are THE person to show the value of values to your children. Do not afraid to take responsibility to set a good culture. Your students will follow you. The future of India is in your hands.

All the Best.


Sir you are the one who made me to think that there is other way than windows to work on. And made me passionate to work on. And hence after the college life i started to have my bread and butter via linux. U showed me the path to IC. First salute to a good, honest and the most lovable Guru.... From a small kid: Sujith. Actually u made me remind those days in college when i was the "rep".

Off topic - How was your Onam? :-)

You made me miss all my teachers more.......

Sir, if you cannot foreget PCE and ManojSir. So do i dont foreget PCE and JJ(Joju John). You helped me to learn something and again you showed me a good teacher again, none other than Pramode Sir. What should i want other than this. And by the way its true that teaching is one of the best proffession in the world. You help in building the culture. You help in moulding the new generation showing the good and the wrong things. At times I had thought that how I came to Linux. Was it because of my "enthu"? Was it because sir, u motivated me to go for it... I take the second one to my pocket. And award as credit to you ... To my sweet teacher and to one of my best friend... And above all whom I respect the most... Mr.JJ

eda machane!!! mathiyadai... enne pokki pokki kollalle.

I am happy to see that a few students were really got benefited.
Good old days… missed it

shho manushyanu sathyam parayaanum ee duniyaavil swaathanthryam ille?
Humm so nice that u are happy.. Anyways i still expect u to call me for the great trip planned...

I just wanted to refresh my knowledge in vrutham and alankaram, so googled and reached here..
Really enjoyed reading your blogs..