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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

(If you get time, try to watch a classic Malayalam movie 'Vidheyan'- A Mammootty film.

While I was watching Ind vs WI (DLF cup; tri-nation series; Ind-WI-Aus), an advt. popped up with a famous face. He claimed that there is no pesticide in his favourite-cola-brand. He verified all the work of their factory and seemed satisfied and he randomly choose a cola-bottle and he took a sip with his 'head up'. I expected this advt. much earlier :-) [and if they really interested, I have a better one]

Whom should I believe to?, the experts who tested the soft drink and shocked India 2 or 3 years back or this 'Vidheyan'?. After all, I hope that common man will distinguish this advt. from the declaration of their matinee idol.

I remember a Cricket series Ind Vs Eng, Year 2002 I guess. A couple of England players got sick during the match. And I don't know ...after that particular event all the England players started using the cola imported from Singapore (or Malaysia?).


If my memory is correct, A newspaper reported that the employees of American embassy are using non-Indian colas (I don’t know the authenticity of this news). If this is true....?!!

My question is…WHY?

When people will get to know that this Cola-company’s are just doing their ‘business’. I guess a single Hindi movie ‘Corporate’ is not enough to open the eyes of Indians. But they coolly described the dirty-business-tricks.

Now US government itself is forcing India to check on this cola-ban. They threatened Indian Govt. that they will not invest further in India, if we didn’t use their Cola products again. I have no surprise in this move.

But what surprised me is that another ‘Vidheyan’ even dare to say that
“Test the breast milk, you might see the pesticide!!!”

Enthoru Vidheyathwam (What a subservience)?!!!

One of the great movie of this 'Vidheyan' is still running in packed house in a Mumbai theater even after 500 weeks (10 years) !!! I wonder when these people will have a Vidheyathwam to their fans?


geat movie? I think you missed the apostrophes )

Thanks for your assistance...
but where I missed an apostrophe?

let me know, I'll correct it.

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Yah the one which surprised me was yesterdays news. The highcourt had lifted the ban of colas in Kerala!! And talking about the breast milk, how could one compare the breast milk with that of a cola. Yah i also saw that add the one about cola which is being tested in the factory and then a seal of "SAFE" is being give. The condition is really pathetic. I dont know when other's living outside Kerala would open their eyes. Anyways our CM had clearly mentioned that they will move the fight to Supreme Court..

Oru samsthaanam nannavaanum sammahikkille???

u r right,
every one are showing more "videyatham" to the foreign companies, inclusive of Govt, myself, u'rself, all. "if it is foreign, that will be good" this is the usual trend between us. hence very easy for these foreign foxes to dump their left over here in India. and we all are there to buy the same with great interest.
y no impurities in cola in developed countries? i will congratulate the strictness of the govt agencies who monitor this very closely. but i will congratulate more the people who understand, react and take action of their own, when any NCR happened in the manufacture. we indians also to wake such situations. am not against cola, but against the system (of Govt and ourselves) which make the cola manufactures to deviate from the standards.


Even a 'panjayath' successfully got a stay order against this cola-gaint. But State-Govt failed to do the same !!!

@John Bhai:

extremely true.