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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Just thought to log our Kodai trip last weekend. Here it goes; a crisp description.

We, Bijoy-Raveesh-Manoj-Deepak-Gopan-Myself, packed our bags and headed to Kodaikanal last Friday. Since it was my 4th visit I was not particularly interested in Kodai Lake, Boating, Suicide Point, Pillar Rock, Garden etc. This trip was a 3-day trip unlike my first 3 One-day trips.

As usual we started with Cycling. Circled the lake once and went to a tea shop from where we ordered masala-tea. Frankly at that time only we came to know that the masala tea we had before were not at all masala tea !!! That night we set-up a camp-fire. Unfortunately politics came to our discussion and it almost spoiled the night. later we recovered with an interesting topic: First Crush.

Next day morning we took our cycles and traversed unchatered paths uphill. We touched some dead end in 45 minutes but return journey took only 2mins. free fly in the cycle downhill. And went to check out most-necessary-facility in any hill station, Suicide Point ;-) Unlike other visits we were unable to see the beauty of the valley from the point due to heavy fog. Then we headed forPiller Rock, Same fate; couldn’t see it. Nobody worried about it. We were looking for a football ground. Yup… it is the common factor binding us together. We used to play football during the weekdays.

Due to heavy traffic block/Jam we reached the pine forest only by 2pm. As usual we walked through the unknown paths and surprisingly we reached at the 'top' from where we could see the Piller Rock from the backside!!! plus a view from the point which is 200m above Suicide point. and off-course one can easily take his life from that height too :-)

From there we walked down through another route where we heard a huge noise of crowd. Hence reached the Guna-cave (named after Climax of Kamal Hassan's movie, Guna). It is a terrific point. It is a must see place even if it is a one-day trip. Then we had tried to go to Berijam lake, but it required permission to enter the forest. So, moved back. Next was Cockers walk, spent one hour peacefully. Then to Cottage. camp-fire again.

Next morning everybody woke up early (early means 7'o Clock) and checked out the bungalow and went to the forest office to get permission for entering to forest. Sadly they told Mondays andtuesdays visitors are not allowed to visit the 'jungle'(hindi). [Why? Is it to help the ‘them’, Sandal wood mafia?] But it is India yaar. Just bribe… you will get permission to do whatever. So we waited for the IFS officer. Surprisingly, he allowed first 20 which included us too. (off-course others had to bribe the guard).Also IFS guy was waiting for some big guns. Who cares chotta-chotta (Hindi) 'thuppakkees'(Tamil).

I would say one thing. If we didn't show our patience, we would have missed the best part of our journey. So bang to Berijam lake. It was totally a refreshing and new experience. After reaching the lake we further walked for one hour around the lake. Nobody other than we six. prakruthiyumayi izhuki chernnu oru manikoor.

Returned back to our Tevera. Found that our driver got severe fever. Why worry. We have a 'taxi' driver in our gang. Who else... Rave the great !!! Yup comfortably reached back in Chennai at 3.30AM (Oct3, 2006). In summary, we escaped from Chennai hot sun for 3 days.

-----some (fun) moments (may not be interesting for you :-) -----
Tharagal palarum undayenkilum Raveeshanu thaaram. (Hero of the tour : Rave!!!)

While creeping into the forest we saw a Tamil board in the shape of a tiger: "enkaleyum vazhaka vidunkal".It means "Let us live". But Rave's definition was different: "kandille machanu kazhikkan onnum kittiyittilennu" (Tiger wants you as a prey ;-)

Deepak, after seeing the lake, planned for a usual movie shot. He requested Rave’s shoe for fish-a-shoe from the lake. And he suggested not saving Rave even if some crocodile attacks, but just make movie; Rave-fight-with-crocodile.

Troop observed an utter silence while Rave handed-over wheel to Manoj, another ‘rally’ driver.

It seems whole Kerala was there. “Maari nikkada mundakkal sekhara”… “Mundokke-yulla sekharanayaalum… Mundokke illathe sekharanayallum ..maari podai”… Interpretation for the famous Mohanlal Dialog by another cycle gang.

Also whole ‘company’ was there… met a North-Indian gang on the way. Heard that a Tamil gang on another part of Kodai. Bijoy met his PL and I met my Manager on the way. We again met him(He is managing Rave too ;-) on the Cockers walk.
Rave’s immediate reaction …(to Manoj) “ Suresh and family, ..decent aavu… decent avvu (be decent) …”

Another remarkable moment...
background: Gopan was recently engaged, myself is planning to look for a partner.

Rave (to Bijoy) : Eda…. (seriously…) Lets us discuss something….
Bijoy: Enthonnu..(what ?)
Rave (to Bijoy) : "..about your future Wife…."
Bijoy : "hmmm.." (seems so happy)
Rave : "So let us start thinking about it..."
...Aval enthayirikkanam ...? (what she should be ?)
...Aval aaraayirikkam ...? (Who she should be?)
...hmmm... (watching Bijoy closely and keeping a hand distance)
...Aval Aarude-yayirikkanam … ;))!!!? (Whose she should be !!!?)

Anyhow he escaped from Bijoy.

------------------photo of the day-----------

Old man with a cigarette in one hand, book in another hand. He is reading the most sensational novel of the century, Da-vinci-code in the cool, calm atmosphere. See the dog near by.


A talk abt first crush?!! This has got a familiar ring to it.. I guess its better done on the night previous to submitting the final year project (especially if the total time spent on the prj is just one night)

Reminded of our tour da.. The photos are too good. Aara Eduthe .. oru Bijoy touch undallo. And cycle rides were good alle. Nostalgic.

Anywyas .. we both had a nice time that long weekend.

Eppozha bike il pokunne ?

reminded me of my bike trip with friends to ooty..really they are such pleasant experience..and nice snaps btw..

Berijam is a cool place! I've been there, but only once. Want to go there, especially to that 'virgin' lake. Since there are not much tourists out there, its so cal and peaceful.

The last photo of the man engrossed in DVC was the best picure I have seen in a very long time. (Taking pictures being my Proffesion). Although technically there are issues with the image. The subject and mood is brilliant.


Mel: I was sure that a talk about First Crush would be best at that time.

Dango: Yeah da.. I felt missing you all.

Mathew: Ooty Trip with Bike...awesome. I too planning one.

Jo: Virgin lake...true name.

Kaippally: Yeah, I was right in front of him. So I do not want to reveal my digicam. You may see the side glass of tevera at the bottom of the picture. It was a quick hidden snap.

That must have been a fantastic experience!
That snaps are great!


Kodaikanal is one of the most famous hill stations in India.Kodaikanal is a hill station

on the southern tip of the upper Palani Hills. Kodai is also a tourist attraction, and

many of the locals make their living through tourist services. Kodaikanal is sometimes

referred to as "Princess of Hill stations." Tucked away among the Palani Hills in

Tamilnadu, in South India, and jealously guarded like a prized jewel by the dark

forests, is Kodaikanal. In fact, the name itself means ?gift of the forest? in Tamil.