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Part 1: Mother-in-law

I paused with a question.
Should I give full mark to my mother or to my aunts or to my grandma for making peace in the family?

You may give 10 marks to my grand ma, 60 marks to my mom and aunts. To where the rest of marks going to?

30 marks go to my father and his brothers. Why?

They did care their parents more than anything else. They found more value in paying attention to them rather than playing Cards. They never even hesitated to halt helping their kids in their homework, the moment they hear a call-of-duty from their parents. In another way, they taught their children a good lesson through their own act. It is nothing but "Obey your parents". It was fun to see that they were choosing the shortest path to reach Grandpa in no time. I still remember my father (even at his 40s) running down the slippery wooden stair-case is like sliding down. I may even compare with that of the style of son-and-father-relation in 'God father' (Malayalam Movie).

I always observed an utter silence whenever my Grandpa indented to speak. You may see one example from this page. (George +10). No one ever spoke to my grand father louder than his voice.

Ee abhyaasagal (chittakal) kandu kondu kayari varunna pennu enginne avare dhikkarikkum?
(How can a new bride disobey their parents-in-law after watching all these discipline?)

One event.
Sahikkettu (after bearing a lot of firing) my mother hesitated to obey my grand mother (to do something). Mom clearly told to my father that she will not do those for her. Surprisingly my father didn't say any word and went out and completed what his mother asked his wife to do. and returned back. and asked her politely. "If this women were you mother, did you disobey her?...if you found difficulty to obey this old woman let me know I'll do it for you".

He successfully balanced his wife and his mother!!! Baseline of successful married life :-)

From where he could have learnt all these things? (Might be continuing...)

How could you say your children to obey you without yourself obeying your father?
How could you say your wife to respect your parents without yourself respecting your parents?


Appol ellam arachu kalakki padikkukkayaanalle??? Humm nadakkatte...
Ithellam enikkum oru paadam aakum..
Hope I would also be able to figure out by that time..