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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

How to identify a person? Finger Print ?!! (widely using by Police department to recognize people in a quickest way!!)

We have a better mechanism too... DNA test!!! (An absolute, unique test to identify a person.)

Question is... when a person gets these identities?

Finger print acquires by foetus baby in 10 days !! ( that means before a mother knew that she is carrying...imagine). DNA... Just in a day !! (still faster, haa). yeah a new, unique human being is growing up with all necessary identity on its mother's womb!!!

How many such Human Beings are getting killed every day? 1,26,000 !!

Who is killing them? Brutally!! Their Mother (or who else)? If a mother fails to love her child...?!! we are in a dirty world of selfishness. Money, comfort, social status... FUC/<

How many dead during Tsunami on Dec 26,2004 ? 1,69,752 (Just a few more!!!)

Haa we are facing a silent tsunami every day !!! Do you want to be a part of it?

yeah..I got what (some of) you are thinking about? population?

If you are so much worried about it, I am afraid that you will be killing yourself to reduce the population (one less !! ain't it good?)

Value the human life...and save next generation Abraham Lincoln or Beethovan !


Beg to differ, friend.

"How many such Human Beings are getting killed every day? 1,26,000"
- An embryo in the mother's womb is unique for sure, but how correct is it to call it 'human'?

"If you are so much worried about it, I am afraid that you will be killing yourself to reduce the population"
- The question is whom you want to kill. A grown-up human being with a fully functional nervous system, ability to think/imagine/dream/hope, have feelings like happiness and pain, have social connections with other human beings? Or an embryo that doesn't have any of these?

And if you think it's a sin to terminate the life of a potential human being, isn't abstinence from sex/copulation equally sinful? Won't it also prevent a future "Abraham Lincoln or Beethovan" from being born? The logical extension of your theory suggests that we must not waste a moment of time in executing our divine duty of creating offspring.

A human thinks with his/her Brian. am I right?
A human dream with his/her heart? any plan to defer?

Please go through this article or consult a doctor!!

Three weeks...just three weeks buddy, a foetus gets his heart and brain to think and dream like you?

I have already touched about the necessary identities (finger print and DNA).

Let me take you to another angle?

Do you think if a man couldn't walk or speak or hear or sense or a lot of other incapabilities, do not deserve to live?

I am restricting myself from asking...
how many of us have dreams or future plans?
how many of us are using our brains?
How many of us has social concerns/connections or whatever?
There are a lot of people with NO-HOPE!
aren't they human?

In Mahabharata, I like one character... Abhimanyu? he who learn about "Chakravyuham", a danger war fighting technique, right inside his mother's womb. may be it is an author's imagination...but !

And of-course I have a lot to tell about sex and its duties. but my topic is different ! Am trying answering only abortion !

I second Sooraj. If abortion is the denial of a potential human being’s right to live, then prevention of conception by any means should be considered as the denial of his/her right to be born .There are so many gray-areas in life which cannot be solved just by logical reasons.

As far as the killing/murder fundaas are concerned, I consider the unborn-child/feotus is a part of the mother’s body rather than a potential human being ,so it is up to her to take a decision to do any harm to it or not and society has absolutely no role in that.. After all, it is she who has to undergo the physical and emotional trauma involved in abortion.

My personal opinion is that abortion is quite justified if the mother did not have a choice (eg, rape, failure of prevention efforts or any serious health concerns). And it is cruel and inhuman if it is the outcome of irresponsible behaviour. But then who am I to take a decision on somebody else’s life?

Foetus is not a part of its mother's boby. As experts saying... it has its own identity... DNA.

If the foetus is a part of somebody-else body, then “his” DNA should be same as of its mother.
think in a simple way... even blood group of mother's and foetus need not be the same?

Why "your" part of body has a different blood group?

Can't you understand?

So foetus is a growing up human with all its IDENTITY and brian / heart, different set of hands/ legs/ kidneys or whatever?
If you agree with it, and if you still support abortion... I am sorry to say that you are a "potential" murderer!!

May I ask you a question?
what if "your" mother thinks that you are a nuisance to your house and decided to kill you? Are you agreeing with that?
Do your mother has a right to kill you?

So... You have no reason... to kill your child too.

If you are killing your child, your reasons are...
1) Comfort. ohh I am not interested to carry/look-after the baby.
2) Status. I am not married. and I am pregnant. what people think!!! (why you didn't think the same before?)
3) I want the sexual happiness only. (You are just an animal then… because I can't differentiate you from a rabbit)

"If abortion is the denial of a potential human being’s right to live, then prevention of conception by any means should be considered as the denial of his/her right to be born"

You said it!... I support it!... and it is not my topic !

its difficult to judge the again depends on the reason behind it...

anyway, well written.!!

Thanks Sush!

and yeah...every criminals has a reason :-(

In addition to the three points u listed down..why don't u add a fourth one.
4) Ur raped by a scum, so do u want to spend ur life with his byproduct, which u didn't wish for or get rid of it and start ur life fresh

It is sad to kill some who has life just blossoming.

Have you ever thought what happen if that 'unwanted child' born to this world. Chances are many that he/she becomes a problem to parents (if exist) or society. It is true other way also parents or society poses a problem to that 'unwanted child'.

@ Praveen: Do you think that 1,26,000 of those were the byproducts of cruel rapes?...everyday !!!

@Gopu: What does that mean?
One foetus is even capable of recognizing the feelings of its mother. powerful sensing capacity..isn't it? it is a real human being, then. and parents want to kill them !!!

So the problem lies in the attitude of parents. why those parents are thinking that this is an "unwanted child".

Can't these parents understand that his/her child need more care and attention?

Where is the time, right!

running behind money...our comfort... or any other reasons?

btw you want to kill those "unwanted child" before he/she become a "threaten" to "world" ?!!!

I really agree with you. "We don't have the right to kill human beings".

Mr YASJ, Can you avoid eating chicken. I know you can eat atleast 2 full chicken in 15 minutes. And you eat egg, which again has the right to see the light of this world.

Why you are not crying for those helpless creatures you love to eat. You cry only for human beings - "selfish".

why you killed that creature when it is not a threat to you.

Crocodile tears :(

umm... If you believe that the life of a human and the life of a chicken is same, I am helpless.

Many creatures are killing 'Chicken' for their meals... Do you want to hang all 'fox'es for this misbehavior?

Do you want to kill all lions (or tigers) for the similar reason? ...eating COW!!

Why are you killing mosquitoes?
Why are you killing rats?

Why didn't you value their life... and crying only for Cows and Chickens?

Can't you see a "crocodile tears" in it?

No offence meant. and I always admire people who can restrict themselves eating vegetables only.[Because I failed to control such a desire] But frankly I hate the superiority complex they exhibit for the same reason. And sorry is not my topic !!


If you cry for an unborn human being, I thought you are such a nice soul that you will value the life a living animal and convert to vegetarianism. I was wrong.

And if you feel inferior living as a non-veg I cannot help it.

Life is not copyrighted to human beings. I am sure it is not your topic to preach.

Gopu.. please prove that you are not contradicting before reaching to conclusion about others.

Shall I repeat...

Why are you killing mosquitoes?
Why are you killing rats?

Why didn't you value their life... and crying only for Cows and Chickens?

Can't you see a "crocodile tears" in it?

And I proud to cry for Human rather than Chicken and cows.

Why are you killing mosquitoes?

Malaria. I had malaria twice in 6 months time. I kill them since they attack me. It is logical for me. I don't them to eat like you do.

Why are you killing rats?

I don't kill rats, That is a secret I will tell you in person. hehehe

Now you tell me why you kill chicken, cow, goat. Just to eat, when you have plenty of food available other than meat.

I sincerely believe you don't have the right to talk on abortion. That's all I wanted to say.

ivide pattikkum poochakkum vendi vadikkan aallundu... manushya jeevanu mathram oru vilayum illa !!!

It is not true that by being a vegetarian a person is valuing life more than a N.V.
Don't forget that each and every cereal we eat can grow to become a plant.
SO if the veggies realy want to respect life eat only fruits and drink water
not even milk of cow!!!!
It is not for you it is for the calf

Yes humans are a superior life form and i fully agree with you YASJ

Thanks for your comments and support, maverick!

Identity, DNA, right to live, right to kill, dreaming with heart, embryo's brain, vegetarianism, mosquito, rat, rabbit, crocodile and Abhimanyu!! We can't get farther from the real issue:
Nature had ways of keeping an equilibrium of the living world that prevailed from time immemorial. Man interfered with them. Now it's our duty to control the population of our race, since we don't let nature control us. And the choices we have are,
1. contraception
2. abortion
3. murder

Generally people agree that option 1 is good and option 3 is bad. And your opinion on option 2 depends on how much of religious indoctrination you were subjected to in the past and how deep an influence it has made on you. :)

* "Do you think if a man couldn't walk or speak or hear or sense or a lot of other incapabilities, do not deserve to live?"
If Mother Nature (or God, if you like) was given a chance, the answer is obvious! She would have killed him if he were to be born in the prehistoric world, where there was no medical science, no permanent human settlements, no constant supply of food, where "survival of the fittest" was the golden rule.

Sooraj, I have finished my talk about this topic. My intention is to aware a few people that fetus is also a growing up human. It is all up to the reader to accept it or reject it.

Answers to your questions…

1. contraception ( I have a few things to talk, but not now… let me understand it fully)
2. abortion (I have already expressed my view points)
3. murder (I hope… people will not agree that “taking somebody’s life” is a personal choice)

Now I have got what your worry is. "no constant supply of food"?

Go through…

And I have witnessed… how much food our people are wasting...

In my opinion, we have enough food supply… but we are not efficiently utilizing it.

So tell me…where is the fault? Is it in you (and me) or in that fetus?

To whom you want to punish?

Are you ready to get punished (for wasting food and population_count++)? If not, why are you punishing an (innocent) fetus!!!

A request…. the “you” is not actually YOU (Sooraj). So don’t think that I am personally referring YOU.

You is a plural !!! Neeyoru prasthanam annennu ;-)