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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

On a lazy Saturday evening at TCR, I thought of roaming around with David (Yamaha CruxR). No reason to ride upto Town Hall and take a 'U turn' !! as soon as I reached the swapna theater junction, someone aroused my college memories. He walks like my pre-degree friend. yeah..same height, same gait. but his hair is more brown now?!!!. But his face is not visible at that angle. Is it him?

ohh may be somebody else. why should I get into a situation of making a mistake. what should I ask him ? "are you my college friend?", his answer might be "entha college friendine kanda ariyille? chumma number irakkalle?!!" (Istam, one of my favorite Malayalam movie, style) ("Can't you identify your college friend, don't mess with me")

Yeah ... since I was in a cool mood, I didn't want to mess with anybody. hence decided move on. after a few meters, David stopped. and asked me !!!
"Why can't you mess with him. if it is him then ?"
yup he is correct, let me try then.

By that time that person overtook me. He didn't talk to me. Then he might not be my friend. "David, you confused me, saala". But... his walking style!!!.

I decided to 'mess' with him.
"Excuse me... Are you ..." He turned back !!!

Baang its him !!! after 11 years !!! Antonio George !!! he is in front of me.

"you are too fatty buddy", he can't believe his eyes. ohh that is why he couldn't recognize me. [ I was just kind of skeleton at that time, thanks to Chennai food with a lot of oil/gee.] He was returning home from Town Hall Library. He is a great reader !!!

May be just 3 phone calls we made in these years. Other 8 calls couldn't connect him.(We should have been use NOKIA then). Funny thing is I couldn't find him at Orkut. But found him on a Sarkkeet (roam around ;-)

Though 11 years have gone by,it never felt like we were apart for so many years. He is always in my very little memory. Some friendships might be like that... No phone calls, No chit-chat, No Orkut, No face to face meetings... still they might be nearer to your heart.

A lot to tell about him; but scrapping only a single thing.
This person injected a craze for English movies. Prior meeting him, I have seen only two English movies BenHur and Ten commandments. He gave me a list of 14 movies which includes Mackenna's gold, Predator-1, Terminator-2, Indiana Jones Series, Home Alone series, The Mask, Schindler's list. With in two week I had strikeout 12 from that list. I couldn't find remaining two anywhere :-(

Only two people were there to help me avoiding the boredom of my St.Thomas' College life. Other one was Joe Francis.

Of course, how could we resist ourself to enjoy Dosa and red chutni from Hotel Gopi. Still same quality, same refreshing smell. Whenever I remember my Pre-degree days, I do remember Room 101 on Bell tower, Hotel Gopi and of course Prof P C thomas' tuition center where we baptized "everyday" for two year; no left turn; no right turn; don't look at girls; don't talk; don't be late . what a jail yaar. But it has a significant role on what I am now :-)