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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I saw these words (or similar words) in many Orkut profiles and blogs.

A few thoughts...

The moment you start using Talcum powder, you are not what you are (you are yearning for a better face) ;-) Is it hard to agree?

The moment you dye black/brown your hair, you are trying to imitate somebody else…

The moment you start thinking of hair-fixing, you are proving that you are not ready to accept the real “YOU”

Are you using lipstick? (Girls, pardon me…) You are hiding what you are…

Admit who you are or what you are... and be proud of it

Tail: "Make-up inum oru limilt okke illedai" - Udayanannu Thaaram


But are you really talking about the real are just talking about the packaging...

if you wear clothes....?

Anon1: it is a large topic, I feel. just scribbled down whatever came into my mind. yeah it is very small portion of actual.

Anon2: it is better... try to find an answer by yourself!!!

I don't think the way a person wants to look ever lets him hide his or her true self... Looking good is just a wis common to most of human, decking up bcoz of this never shadows anybodys true self...
A person can be what s/he is if they have the guts to call a spade a spade...Not being phony just to please anyone....
Sorry, but somehow, don't agree with you :) Just that I think differently...So, thought of speaking out my mind...

it is all different opinion!!! You think in one way, somebody else in another way... another depth !!

Your blogs are getting bit philosophical. If you proceed in this line, you may reduce from yasj to yas(yet another socrates) :-)
I'm not adding anything to your me Vs real-me cofusion as I myself is still searching for the real-me :-)

Its all about necker cubicle. Its your imagination..

Da, where is my RED T-Shirt ?