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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

The best part I am enjoying in Bangalore is Football only. Once, I was a proud player of Red FC in Chennai. Here, only the name has changed…Jun FC. The passion, aggression and enthusiasm remain the same. We play twice a week on a semi grass ground.

Today, when we reached the ground we saw a bunch of teenagers occupied half of the ground. They impressed us quickly…hmm... they play pretty well. Since we didn’t have enough players to form two teams, we made a proposal for a match with those teenagers.

"Ok Uncles we are ready", they all were game for a match. Ha ha ha. they reminded us of the fact that we are getting old! They were right in one way. We are a bunch of 7 guys with an average age of 27. And, they all were around 15 years old.

Playing with a group of teenagers of same enthusiasm and unlimited energy was not so easy. They have proved it. After 15 minutes the ball possession was 15%- 85%. They rushed to our goal post regularly with their entire team (leaving the Goalkeeper) and in the same pace they returned to their posts as the ball moved.

They might have found it difficult with our heavy bodies so, they couldn’t charge us anyway. They were helpless with their 45Kg weight against our 80-100Kg and with considerably strong build. Yeah… We could control 6 of them but, other two were very fast. Moving like a rocket...running like a bull... changing the direction like a rabbit.

They really made us feel that we are getting old. Though we managed to tie the scoreboard with 3-3, their game was wonderful.

The next week, we faced them again. This time, we showed them what is the meaning of maturity and experience is. We were sure that we can not beat them in the speed. So we played with a good game plan. We wore the jersey of Argentina. Quick Short Passes!!! We frustrated them a lot with this trick. We raid their goal post through out the game. 12 shots to the target, Converted two of them. Again a tie with 2-2. but this time we stand with our head straight :)


Play against your old chennai team.
We want to make Juniper another CTS.

hey Joju...looks like u are having good fun !!

@Anon: my dear old team mate... mind you ..your two forwards are going onsite... two mid-fielder are now with us... yeah..I agree that 'your' defenders are much good...umm...

btw you know... we play in grass ground unlike you.. I wonder how you are playing in lousy mud ground ;-)

Hey.. come to blr... we may "fight"

yeah sush... weather here promotes football :-)

Mannil kuruthavan grass ground-il vaadilla mone..

athalle..njan vaadathe pidichu nikkunnathu...

athalle...nigale blr-lekku vilichathu ;-)

Entamme... Argentina shirt onnum kandaal RED pedikkilla....