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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

This evening, while I was walking towards my "cube" [at office], I saw a 6 feet tall "white" guy carrying a laptop with him. With in a split second he said "Hi" and continued walking on his way.

He doesn’t know me or vice-versa! He may be a visitor or may be a client or may be CEO of the company or just a ordinary employee like me. He is an American [say] and I am an Indian… he is white, I am black… But nothing stopped him to say a "Hi" to me with a very warm, pleasant smile. One can not resist himself from saying a "hi" back. I feel very happy. My heart filled with a lot of joy and got energized for continuing work!

Moving forward I saw a mallu. I knew that he is a mallu, I guess that he also knew about my "mallu" blood too! So I thought to implement this "Hi" technique to make him pleasant. But he may not want that HI. He just moved his face to another direction and walked away.

haa... what a complex people we are !!

We want to live at Los Angeles… want to get salary like him… keen to wear Coat, tie and shoe like him… want to imitate whatever he says/does.

When we will follow him in his attitude towards fellow colleagues… attitude towards work… attitude towards nation… attitude towards life?!


Thats true. Their 'Hi' is from their heart and ours for formality.

Well, can connect to this awkward behaviour..
I am in a new office and hardly know ppl...Now, everyday, there is a delimma, to say Hi and smil...
or just leave things like that..ppl give such funny responses.... :))

good one Joju..and very true !!

what do you if this incident had not happened , and some indian (say one mallu ) wish you a "Hi" ?

@anon2: that's the right question and the answer is with silencekilled's comment.

Hi :)