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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

...My body is getting old :-(

"AGE is an issue of MIND over MATTER.
If you don't MIND! It doesn't MATTER." - Aaro oraal.

No black-dye; No hair colouring; this is what I am !


Joju, this is not a good sign, your demand in the marriage market will decrease proportionally..

Do not underestimate a woman, and her capability to select the 'best' one ;-)

Leave it as it is..It will make you appear to know more than you do. Chuluivil oru buddhijeevi look kittiyille .. :-))

Maashe ente mudi njaan btech final year padikkumbol thanne narachu. Chlorinated water polum upayogikkatha enikku aadyam athu kandappol valiya vishamam undaayirunnu. But ippol no problem. Nammale okke aaru nokkan ennu vichaarichaal theeraavunna prashname ulloo, ennu njaan swayam vishwasichu!!!

why taking so much time to write a blog?its really boring to wait like this... :-(

a new fan from venus

got bored on waiting ?!! you must be kidding. However thanks for your encouragement.

Will be publishing a long blog tomorrow. Then you will get to know the 'boredom of reading'


it's a sign of wisdom too :-D

But you looked smart at marriage Reception. :) Reason ariyo ???