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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Sometime back, “Himalaya” means Everest and Himalayan trecking was almost a “Mission Impossible” for me. In my earlier opinion, a normal person just can’t do that. But recently, a few of my colleagues had gone for a Himalayan trecking for 10 days. That gang included youngsters, old folks and even lollipop girls. Then why can’t I?!!

And this thought made me adding one more to my bachelor-ship wish list. Targeting this December to treck Himalaya.

Anyone else is interested?


Count me in!!!!

But im no lolli-pop girl... I cud pull the Mnt Everest down with my weight.. ;))) Willing to take that risk??



Join me When I do the Himalayan Odyssey on my TBird.

BTW - what is it with you and gals ma. Ingane poyaal ninakku pennu kittumonnu enikku nalla samshayam undu ;)

enikku vayyaa...eda Joju ninakku nalla humour sense ondu..Himalayan treking...athum decemberilu thannae venoo??

Pakshe Goa marakkaruthu... October-il ..

Pinne.. 20th is comin close!!

Aagraham illanjittalla. But i want to get a good job. Then i will be there and ofcourse my treat....

@Rose: Sure..let me know your convenient time!!!

@Dhanush: First you buy TBird and let me know.
Btw I didn't get you "what is it with you and gals man"
what are you referring ?

@Praveen: Athu kondanallo athu wish listil ;-)
Yup I prefer December with -ve temperature.

@Melvin: Yup, I'll check with Vikas and Bijoy too.

@Sujith: Needn't wait for that; you may join.



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