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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

...I need to plan what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is my plan in draft !!
1) Buy a new bike, most likely cruiser type; and majority vote for Bajaj Avenger ( sooner) (Done)
2) A trip to Pondy in the Bike, likely in End of March 06 (Done)
3) Drive my Car from Thrissur to Chennai.(End of June 06) (Done)
4) A fly to Goa with Melvin and all (3rd week of Oct 06)(Done)
5) Drunk until vomit. (Any time ;-)

6) talk to my crush ( Never ; I Afraid )
7) Himalayan Treck (December 06)

8) My primary wish : (I want to get married next year.) (Done)
9) plough a field with a tractor !!! ( if wishes die dead)


drinking till you vomit sounds exciting and cool.....but its the most disgusting feel as if your life is being sucked out.....anyways...happy vomitting....

machu..neeyum kettan pookunnoo...eniku hearty condolences

penultimate year..!!!!! thats a life time.... I am counting days. befire being losing myself into someone's world. Blast off with friends, go for movies and booze out where ever u can .... watch a horny stuff with lotsa bear and grilled chcik (oooppps!! ) smoked lamb . have kenny G for company... Think of ur love ( if u had any,,, else think of ur close friend's girl with whom had had opportunities to roam around. Every damn thing is fair in love and war.... and especially at times when you are gonna lose all these for ever in your life after a small year of your life.

I wud say..... get ur self packed with things and break the hell around, so that you have enuf memories to carry you, when ur other half does the usual nagging.!!
Srinivas K Menon

count me in for the 5th point :)

@binny : I never experienced it before. So just I want to experience it. I expect that 6th peg will do. and hope you will be with me on my prime time ;-)

@praveen : onnum therumanamaayittilladai... Even my mother is not interested to be a grand mother ....But it seems that fate is around the corner :-(
Sure, I’ll try to push it to next year.

@Srini : My life is always with movies and fun with friends. laugh all the time and make others laugh is our prime interest. Am looking for something extra like rock climbing/propelling, trucking etc.

@Nigel : I wish the same.

Eda...Hope u r much affected by the objectives that u set here....Ur plan sounds like that da..:) way enjoy!!!!!

Count me in for 2, 4 and ofcourse 5 :))
For 2 the timeline might clash, me gng to GOA - well may be I will come there and we can go to Pondy again ;)
All the best Buddy :)



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