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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I think somebody want to go home early on this pooja Holidays. His Manager might not approved his leave or so. What will he do? He called up on to HP office and placed an 'info' : "somebody planted a bomb at HP building, Bagmane tech park, Bangalore".

Now security official are leading the original fire 'drill'. Many people left their precious car in the parking slot and ran away for their life. Many drive out with their vehicle and created a long traffic Jam in the Lake Side road. (it may lead to block the fire force)

when I came out of the office building with my bike I saw all chicks in the building setting their eyes on our building to see a original bomb blast. I felt like a gate picketing during my college days.

Now I am safely blogging at my home. Not at all sure whether our building actually blasted or not. However my office phone is working and remote login to my desktop is also working. (FYI I am not working for HP and I am not going to my home town tonight)


aa avasanathe line... athanu that is :)

word veri : kmryad

da da da nee allae a anonymous caller...???

Deepu: ;-)

DD: If it were me, I'll be placed this message by 2 and will go for sleep.

They have so many "Mock Drills" in our office, that once, when the fire alarm was raised at 8 pm, friday, I was wondering why they are having a mock drill now..
And guess what, the alarm for fire was genuine :)

hi.. Glad to see this post.... I was fortunte enough to be part of it, as I was woking at HP Embassy Prime Buliding at that time, and got half day leave because of the hoax bomb threat......

Anoop Abraham