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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

See My interests in My Profile. You may see "Acting ; not in movies"

My friend had doubt that what does it means !!!! let me explain

It is fun to perform something in the stage. Acted in Drama while I was in 6th standard.
Performed many skits in College Class.Fun Kind; most of the time.

But I enjoyed Drama in real life. But it will take a lot of time to narrate. let be brief. One of my friend(Ali Akbar) threatened me and Nishad for some reason. After a minute of talk/analysis with Nishad , we understood that he is trying to fool us. But we are NOT sure.He might be correct, we were confused. From that point we started acting to know the truth and fool him on the same coin. It was a 36hour long drama. At the Climax, he just stared at us.Not even said a word. This is the biggest drama I ever played.

Ok Leave the past. Here in HCL, I had played a role of second hero in a mine; in front of Associate Vice President ( Uday) and DGM (Prabhu) of the company.

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"If you don’t know me personally, nothing is here for you. " this is what is written Joju. May be there are people who want to know you...!that sentence did not sound good to me atleast!

Agree Anon !!!

But what I meant is that if somebody knows me can enjoy this blog better; because they know my style very well.



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