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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

He was wounded for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; by His wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53, 700BC

What will be easy to do ?
To Say
You have heard it said ...You shall love neighbors and hate enemy.But I say to you ... love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...For if you love only those who love you ... what reward is there in that?

Or To Pray

Father, forgive them ...they know not what they do.

The message of his life was very simple

Love one another. As I have loved you, so love one another.

He knew the things that are going to happen with him next day and also faced temptation not to do all these to save the men. still he is searching for his father's wish.
"Father, you can do all things. if it is possible,let this chalice pass from me... But let your will be done, not mine."

He clearly speaks with Pontius Pilate.
"My kingdom is not in this world. If it were, do you think my followers would have let them hand me over ? ... that is why I was born. To give testimony to the truth. All men hear the truth hear my voice."
but not a single word to Herod !!!

If the world hates you... remember that it has hated me first.Remmeber also that no servent is greater than his master.if they persecuted me, they will persecute you.

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