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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It is not just another Onam. Every onam is different. we had celebrated onam Yesterday. conducted "pookalam" competition between 3 buildings. We (CODC3) choose the theme from our 10th year logo. merged with onam themes. The original idea was derived from Lookose. most of the CODC3 mallus contributed towards the final design. Bijoy, the known painter in Mallu@CODC - yes it our Bijoymon only, done the final touching in the design and he drew/decorated the centre of pookalam. and of course we WON!!!!!

The-people-behind-(Not everybody)


Also we conducted tug-of-war, KBB (Kaun Banega Bananapati ;-) ... arranged orchestra, delicious mallu snacks; may not delicious for northies :-(

The interesting thing is... top-level management formed a team for tug-of-war and they won the first round too. Uday, Prabhu, gram all are in the front!!!

It was a good show .


Wishing you a happy and prosperous onam.

Once upon a lifetime in kerala

This is one of the part of Onam festival that I miss. I love watching those competition participants creating their best onam pookalam designs. I miss my hometown.