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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Onam movie, watched last week along with my mother. I had heard mixed reaction from different people. But I felt that this is a [Yet another] good movie from Dileep. Story is also comparatively good. Many people might dislike the character - or pretended to be so. But Director did a good job to characterize "Radha" well.

From an actor point of view, this is not an easy task to behave like a woman. I felt that he is not acting... he was living so !!!! Other difficultly is that there no reference book to refer this character. He has to watch/think the situation like this.

"manga pari cheli kutthu"
"Aaradi ithra valiya 'hoye' vittathu"
"Vaadi serial kanan povam. oru ara manikoor karanjittu varam"
"edi ninakentha oru meen vasana. nee oru kalakariyalle... kalakarikku vendathu kalavasana ya!!!"
"ohh njanum randu jeevikale thattiyitta ponnathu... oru onthum oru perichazhiyum ... enthaa !!! avarum jeevikalalle?? "
"ethraye olloo ...oru load viraku koodi aavayirunnu"
"enikku kannu kanam ..pakshe virakinu kannillallo"
"e chemeen-nil ellavarum aanungalaa ... kandille ??? ellavarkkum meesa yundu!!!"
still a lot more.

Listen carefully and laugh more.
Heard that they are going to remake this movie in Tamil. And Vikram is going act as "Radha". I think Surya will be a better option than Vikram. wait and see for his performance.