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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Got up very early in the morning!!! And went to a training session in office. It started at 7am and lasted for 3 hours. I came out of the room with a pain in my left foot :-( I tried with a gel 4 times. Still it pains. Couldn’t walk properly. I had already some pain in my right knee - result of a cricket match early this month; slipped down while chasing the ball. So I decided to consult a Doctor.

He found that there in no problem in my right knee; no fracture; no swelling!!! But still pains??? He scribbled down one ointment and two tablets. And told me to follow the prescription for 10 days. Cost is

Registration fee- 30
Consultation fee -150
3 X-rays - 360
Medicine - 160
Total - 700

Also he found that my foot is flat. And gave me a free advice.

Use MCR chappals ... Walk easy


I remembered a joke from Kilukkam..
Conv btween Jagathy and Sukumary..when Jagathy was coming out of the hospital.remember the scene ?

Joju ,I guess ..when he said the total amount as 700 and then about the MCR chappals probably would have asked him


hehe not really funny ? ;)

"Thallu kuravu vangichal bill-um kurayum" ennalle!!!
Is it your advice to me ???

I am not using "AATHEYYAAA" style now !!! Trying new new things.May be the people around here knows it well.