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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

"What is the meaning of your name ?". Asked one interviewer.
"Joju doesn't mean anything. it is just a name". What a fool I am to reply like this.Doesn't that clearly mean that I am a meaningless guy!!! No wonder why I was not placed anywhere in early stages.

But after that interview, I had tried to find the meaning of name. Yeah, I was literally correct. Joju is a just name. I was very sad that my father gave me a name without any meaning :-( May be he has an expectation that I'll make a meaning to my name.that is a really good motivation, isn't it?

Anyway I continued the search for why my name is Joju? Joju is a short call for George, my baptism name; received from the name of my grandfather. if you just remove the sound 'r' from George, it is my name !!!George means "Geo worker", a farmer. must be a hardworker. Am I a George ?

Until unless I found something core, I'll not hardwork. May be farmers are also work for a 'core' , funda product, food!!! Whatever, "I" will appear as "George" in this blog hereafter.


Is this the same Joju?
Who use to run to Gopu on the penultimate days of exams to do some 'hardwork'.... after 6 months of some hardcore 'softwork'..
But you said it right.. find a new meaning for your name.. and leave the 'hardwork' and the 'farmer'to mind their own businesses ...

Eda Bhayankara...

At last you commented. George is surprised and happy to see that. BTB George is not interested to disturb 'hardwork' and 'farmers' to do their work.
But for an argument sake.
Was "University mark" a hard core product for little George?

Unvy mark were not
But the first brick game you wrote in C was...

But then.. It was not Hardwork..
What you enjoy doin is never 'hard'..

Correct. I enjoyed a lot while writing programs. If thinking about 'Enjoyment' Vs 'Hardwork', I am not at all a hardwoker. I agree.

So what does hardwork means?
Work towards an AIM. Finish some work on time perfectly/properly. Is there any problem to enjoy it? I am really confused.

I am sure ... You have a clearcut idea about it. What is Hardwork ?

The description to my blog title itself explains that I am not a George ;-)

I rarely think mallu names have meanings.

I don't understand having meanigful names. My friends daughter is named Mahima and I aruge with my friend that even if her daughter wud have been named puja, abcd, 1234 she wud still be the same person.

You might be correct. she would be same person.

IMHO a meaning to name is a that person... to keep
the meaning of his/her name. I suggest all parents to give a good
meaningful name to their children.




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