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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

George didn't give any permission to somebody to do this. look at his lips; how dare she was !!!

People have been told first experience will cherish for ever. Yes, it is his first experience. First time ever somebody is kissing him. Got a chance to know her curves a bit. Do not misunderstand George. He is a decent fellow and didn't like this at all ;-) intentionally or not happened.

He was driving his brand new Ikon from mission hospital to back home. His little cousin was admitted there for a minor head injury. He stopped the car at the signal near to Sakthan thamburan market. His intension was to drive straight to market as it is the short cut to home. As soon as the signal was cleared he slowly took his car a couple of meter forward, a splendor hit on his left side, and flew into the market!

How dare he was !!! to overtake a vehicle from left side. He was just behind George, coming from the same hospital,(His daughter was admitted there) and going to Thrissur Round. he *must* stop at the right side of the car, if his intension was to go to right side of the signal. It seems that it is all planned by somebody!!! both the parties were busy to return back from hospital as it is 2.30 noon and not taken the lunch. it is just like George went there from Chennai on that morning and gave his car to kissed by a splendor :-(
Not much injury to the splendor guy; just shaken his paint from the knee and the foot rest bent a little.
George didn't notice even a single scratch on the car, but later his mother showed a small pit near to headlight. a 1 cm miss ;-). On her word she can make a "kuzhi-appam" on that pit.

A second kiss happened on next day itself. but in a different way. On the way to ‘Cherthalla’, his sis is studying there, 115 Km away from Thrissur. George had driven around 160KM,himself. The road was very good and dividers made driving easy. And the car is so stable to drive in a 90KM/hr. The surprising thing is that his father, who didn't like to see his son driving above 60KM/hr, didn't noticed this !!! So he steadily raised the speed to touch 98KM/hr.
"Father, did you ever sat on a car which is flying in a speed of 100 ? "
"What ?"
"Nothing, you are going to experience it."
"Da da daa"
Dashboard speedometer safely kissed 100KM/hr. He had tried upto 105. The car was stable!!!


Hi Joju,

Sorry to hear that ur 'dream machine' was kissed by a splendour and happy to know that it escaped unhurt.

Keep driving

Anoop Surendran


That feel when you drive at 100Kmph + is great. You seem to be free falling or flowing. Its a different kind in bike, where you are open and chase winds :)

Enjoy Driving.. Its an art



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