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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

We celebrated sports day first time ever @ Nehru stadium. it is just like a collage day events. Around 23 events with 100/200/400 meter dash, high/long jumps, short put, javelin, sack race etc. surprisingly I did participated in 1500 m dash which was not scheduled earlier...and of course with bare boot. I don’t remember that I did anything similar to this in school/college days though I was interested in other games like Cricket, football, tt, chess, carom etc. We could see a good competition between 3 female athletes and 2 Male athletes.

The view from the top of stadium is impressive!!! Also we could see Central Railway station and International indoor stadium from this one.
Most importantly we re-made our college “TaTta TaTta .. eeyaa ovaa G E C” ( mathanga ..ithu engane manglishil ezhuthumadai !!!) . Done the same for our company. !!!

I am too was not interested much on this event since I was involved in a few interesting work and a critical bug as well. Luckily the bug got fixed in the previous day. This is the first time in the company I did neglected the mail threads about events ;-) Anyway Bijoy, Raveesh and all pulled me into the stadium. Otherwise my miss will be a miss ( ente nashtam oru nashtam thanne aayenne ennu ;-)

Current Song: Samayamam Radathil njan .... Is this a coincident ??!!!



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