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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

George went for a shopping with his roommates to T.Nagar, Specifically Saravana Stores. it seems that every chennaites are spending 20% of their salary there;otherwise they need to spend 25% somewhere else. Items are so cheap to resist buying it. And George was a bit sad to see that his rbk chappal cost 250 less there :-( .The only man who didn't get a shoe of this choice might be his room mate,SMT ;-) I don't think that he could buy a shoe from somewhere else in the world.

Met my old student there with her mother, last time she was with her father. Is world too small ??
"Mother..this is 'George' sir ...", is she still shivering !!!! (FYI lab session were a bit tough with George; as he will not allow any of his students to eascape with out a quality code)
"yeah, I heard about you a lot...", seems that her mother is also not a step behind to praise George.
"ohh thanks..but I am not a proud teacher nowadays... just a yet another software junk now :-("

Want to see a crowd like Thrissur Pooram !!! come and visit SS.


dont worry, next time will be with her hubby...!!!

i totally agree with your fashion sense. good job!



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