Yet Another Software Junk | മറ്റൊരു പാഴ്‌ജന്മം

If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Sorry...Life is not a Mime. whatever !!!

You can do anything on a mime. Want to fall in love !!! yes of course !
You want to propose the heroine in your own dream way... yup go ahead.
You want to re-join your heart broken by her ? Why worry... it is so easy.

Just change the script !!!

The same thing we can not do in the Life :-(
There is no Undo button ;-)

You have to carefully design the system and sadly 90% of things are out of your control.

If you knew things before it happen, what is the thrill on it !!!

That is the beauty of life. You can not predict it. face as it is !!!


enthuvaadey senti....vallavrum ninte heartinte purathu vaaluvachaaa...

@praveen : Mime-il aayirunnekil heart puratheduthu kazhuki thirichu 'fit' chaiyamayirunnu. life-il athu pattathathu kondu ...Sooookshikkuka !!!



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