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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

The moment I stepped out of my previous company ... My Project Leader (now 'OLD' PL) got a promotion… Now he is an Associate Project Manager!! (I doubt if his hidden agenda was to kick me out)

The moment I vacated my room in Chennai... My (old) roommate got an assignment in Dubai. (He was desperately looking for a project around two weeks) And other room mate became a UI Designer and got promoted to another level.

The moment I (crash) landed in Bangalore... The immediate business day was declared as a Karnataka Bundh!!! (I was supposed to join on this day)

What to say more... The moment I joined this company ... My (present) roommate's project got closed and laid off (technically) :-( !!!

And here everybody is asking why this company got less profit in the last quarter?
Business Analysts, Financial experts, and Sales forecasters are searching for an answer. They are trying to figure out what went wrong in their departments!!!

I would say… The problem is in the HR dept ;-)
Yeah...The HR guys have offered me a job in the last quarter.”

footnote: If anybody is interested to join me on my new 2BHK fully furnished flat, let me know ;-)


Dont have any word to speak :( And I would like to know about(2BHK).

I am ready...only if you can guarantee the same performance :-)
-anon (the old one)

joju , ni ithra bayankaran aananu njan arinjila


haaavu...ividennu poyikittiyadu nannayee..ippo njangada samayam thelinju :-)...bengaluru mappil ninnu kanaandavoo joju chettaa.. ;-)

satan's official ambassador said... February 17, 2007 9:08 AM  

iam convinced...u r born on a 13th..hehe

nice post..Living demonstration of "Paapi chellunnitam paathalam"

@Sujith, Anon(the old One):
so you want to kick me out to get promoted...kollam

@Anon: nee aaradai machaan?

@Peelikutty: nice to see that this post made you laugh :-)

@Praveen: edai..karinaaku valachu onnum parayathadai...

@Satan, little flower: got it:-)

This types of peoles are called as 'pooyilyam'