Yet Another Software Junk | മറ്റൊരു പാഴ്‌ജന്മം

If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

ഇതു വെറും ഒരു പഴഞ്ചൊല്ലല്ല… (It is not just a proverb...) it is the truth.

I had a lot of chance to 'stitch'… but I didn't.

Result: Samson’s break down in the middle of Inner ring road. A payback for neglecting Samson's thirst for petrol. In another way, a miscalculation of his mileage in this heavy traffic. Now what to do? Need to find a petrol pump. nammakku chodichu chodiuchu pokaam (let us ask somebody)

One auto driver told there is a petrol pump in a KM.

Though I was a little suspicious of his advice, decided to follow a veteran. Anyway I am new to this place, may be one is there near to those software companies that can be seen at that place.

1st stitch >> Push Samson (A heavy, long cruiser called Avenger) for around 1 KM.

After dragging him around 400m I was tired. 'Colorful birds' crossing the roads every now and then, were throwing pathetic glance, caused more hurt. Poya maanam thirichu kittumo :-( Enquired again about the petrol pump... somebody said I need to travel till Koramangala signal!!! Seems logical (matching with my knowledge base)

So took an auto.

2nd stitch >> Rs. 30/- for auto to reach nearest pump and got 1/2 ltr

Problems didn't stop here.

Even after drinking enough petrol, Samson was refused to start. ohh I got it. Residue dust particle in the filter (or even a chance for an air-gap). The engineer in me arose!! ( Vendatha panikku pokandannu appachan paranja kelkoollillo)

3rd stitch >> Suck the petrol from the tube connect to the engine.

Phew... a mouthful of petrol. What a dirty feeling. He refused to start again. Oru kullukkavum illa.

4th stitch >> Call-a-friend for help (Maanam aa vazhikku kappallu kayari). After a 'non-stop' laugh, he suggested the same. And to get a mechanic.

5th stitch >> Search for a bike mechanic

As per auto vaalas, street sellers direction I successfully located a Bike garage. was just in front of where Samson broke down. Senior Bike mechanic ordered me to bring the bike there :-(

6th stitch >> Drag my dear Samson back to the first position.

Another problem, Garage is on the other side and there is no gap in the median (though there is a sign board says a gap-in-the-median). So I have to either go and take U turn down the flyover or cut through the median.

7th stitch >> Cross through the median.

It is very heavy buddy (180KG; his manual says). However I managed to lift him up to the median and cross the road. and handed the 'patient' over to the 'doctor'.

As I said the problem was with his air-filter, he sucked the petrol from the tube that too without his mouth. (He made use of engine itself to suck it) Just matter of 1 minute. Everything back to normal. It hurt a lot. An engineer from GECT, don’t know the very basics of a motor bike (8th stitch >> on my ego, false self pride ...)

"10 Rs."- he billed. Oh… just 10 Rs...I was ready to give 50 Rs. atleast. I wasted around 2 hours just for a 10 Rs. problem!!!

"Bhayya petrol bahuth kammy hain... fill it ASAP", his advice.

9th stitch >> immerse Samson in petrol

This could have been done while I take the same route in the morning and save these many stitches

Tail:This is the first time I have been trapped in the road… after around 12,000 Kms of riding experience with David and Samson!!

Yup… first experience cherishes for long time.

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Nee aa Samsone ethra drohichathaa. Ninnem chomannu athinu maduthu kaanum. Bike-nokke madham pottumo.

No comments.. Maanam poyille.. Ini aa "Chiks" kaanumbol paryille ithu aa manushyanalle !!!! :)

My brother also faces the same situation at month-ends. The best suggestion I can give u is the same which i give him - "Go for cycle or horseback ride. People like you don't deserve bike" :-)

@Gopu: Samsone kuttam paranjittu karyam illallo !!!

@Sujith: hmm... they are seeing a lot of these stuff. hoping so ;-)

@cherupushpam: What I will do if cycle tyre get punctured or my horse get injured? Walking is good for health, right? :-)

paabi pookunna idam paadhaalam ennu kettitondu!!!!

he he :) such a funny one !!

Raveesh told me abt this last week !!! and i had a nice laugh !!

It's really funny.

I've started blogging on

@Praveen: athinu nee evideyum poyittillalo macha...ippozhum avide thanneyalle ;-)

@sush: So you have got ..who is call-a-friend

@Reemus: nice startyeah

Nice post...
Reminded me of a time, when I dragged my Scooty from hostel to mechanics place...
atleast 2 KM....