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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Enemy can find out even a minor mistake in you; Your friend may be ready to adjust with it, hence missing a chance to correct it.

Who is better? ...Enemy gives you a chance to overlook your limitation, hence you may improve !!!

Your mind will be sharp while competing with your enemy. it brings out the best in you !!! So accompany your enemy ;-)

"Kill your enemy, even if he is your brother" - a 5000 years old philosophy

"Love your enemy, pray for them" - a 2000 years old one.

See the current one : "Forgive your enemy, but remember his name ;-)"


Hehe... good one.


Forgive your enemy, but remember his name - Just the right one !

dai .. hows ur new company and new manager (my ex-manager ;-) treating you :)) ?

Looks like you are reading the "Laws of Power" book !!!

Good Post...
Yes..enemies make u quit sharp in ur approach...
Sometime, the desire to defeat them, brings out the best in u :)