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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

It is a company with "Freedom based on trust". Absolute freedom to net, chatting, mailing, blogging, Movies, games anything. Nobody is watching you from behind. We are keeping an unwritten rule not to do all these things in Business hours. Thats all. We needn't go anywhere else for computer related thing.

Everybody is very friendly. Will help you on everything (not only on request, but also in need basis). No work pressure most of the time. Hike is around 15% to 35 % depends on your experience and performance. gets a lot of time to do self study , if you want !!! Activities like Onam celebration, mime, Quiz, discussion aliases.

Personally, I am staying near to office; 5 minutes walk to room. May sleep after lunch. Flexi-timings. Good water, good food, good roommates. Playing football on morning in weekdays. Going for film on weekends. daily old movies under review in room on my PC. Jokes, hot discussions on hot subjects like politics, religion etc. May be this is the reason behind I put 20 Kg.; slightly overweight now.

Currently extra responsibility in interviewing people; more over they promoted me as Lead Engineer with a 30 % hike. Tell me ... How can I change the company?


The YACC influence is evident in the name
you chose for the blog!

Maybe you can add some tech/semi-tech stuff


Why shouldn't the company change you? What are you giving back to the company? Your going to movies, playing foot ball and getting good sleep is not the reason for running this company?

May god help this company...and its shareholders.
-Mr. Conscience

Thats correct; YACC influenced it a lot.

Mr. Conscience,
Don't mix the personal things to company matters!!! if playing football or so are not affecting the work I do, why can't I do that. I am not sure that I can play all these, if I change the company.
I am not praying for this company, but for our client, Cisco!!!
They are the only one suffering, if it is so.

Anyway you remind me to add the work pleasure here.
I never thought that I could work in C/Unix environment, that too in Cisco network. One-way I can say that I am working in an OS(IOS)and Networking as well. Compare to other major companies like infosys, tcs and wipro, we are doing better things. Since there are no deadlines, I could experiment with different scenarios related to current bug. That in turn results in revealing new bugs. (You may say some kind of white box tests which is not my responsibility). Now this is a fashion here, find new bugs and fix it!!! That builds a lot of confidence in Cisco that we are capable of taking ownership for particular areas. That is the other reason, I decided to stay here.

From what u described maybe i need to get interviewed by u for a position at HCL - any openings ? .. :). But your right - its about feeling comfortable and at home whatever the work place. And by the way Congrats on the 30% hike - awesome.

Good point. I may have been mistaken. I thought you didnt want to change the company because it gave you ample free time to explore your other interests. Anyways, as long as you are happy, you dont have to change the company.

Anyways, since I got a sounding board, I am going to scribble some more thoughts....

--Why should the company NOT change you? Why should you be part of any future plans of this company? I am sure this will give you something to think about. This is not to offend your feelings or to single you out. This is a question to the white collar workers of which you are a energetic representative.

--What makes an employee stay with an company? I know this will get different responses from different ppl. But what do you think are the top reasons some one will stay with a company.

-Mr. Conscience


Why your blog is blank? Are you trying to show that you are an illiterate blogger? or created a dummy blogger just to comment in others blog…. since January 2005 !!!

Anyway, don't wonder about the hike. Compare to other companies, we starts with low CTC. So they felt "free" to give big hike.

Hmm… you want to get interviewed by me!!! I’ll tell you a simple trick? Perform very badly in the test, but make sure than you will get pass through. If you perform very well, they will schedule your interview with the people who have 5 or 6 patents!!!


Mr. Conscience,

Let me think for a while, what I can do in this company to make me (an employee) stay here for long.




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