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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Not really mine. His Alto !!!

Briefing the story...
Today I happened to see Mr X's mobile in silent mode. (not revealing X's name on his request). Its new kind of Nokia Mobile; I don't know how to make it normal mode. So I tried my level best to change the mode to normal. while experimenting, I saw the previous call history and found that he dialed to "My Alto" most recently. I wonder who is Alto. He has no car, no dealing with car, no friends in Alto car company as far as I know.

I asked him about this. "Ohh its my Would be", he said. Why he put her name like this ? "Why can't you put it like My Ford or My Hyundai", I was curious.

He calmly said,"I am expecting only an Alto from her father."

Nice Logic, isn't it?




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