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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

it started again after 5 months. wake up in the morning is the nicest thing to do in a Day. you will get a lot of time to spare. to read news paper. to do some kind of exercise. want to study something(who will do !!!!).

Most important is we can see our roommates !!!! :-) start chit-chat on the morning itself. Plans for the weekends ! Movie reviews ! what so ever coming into your mind. My roommate, SMT, is a communist. So topic might be related to that ... it will travel across the world... religion ... and what not !!!!

Back to football, As Usual we gathered near our tea shop and a plain 'T' to start with and marched towards the ground. Everybody was tired in just 10 min and continued for 35Min. This time pretty a few new joinees in the group. I don't know how long they will play. Anyway it is good to see around 12 guys to play around.

And of course, lime juice at the end; without it, it will not be an end !!



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