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a.k.a Birth of an Argentinean Fan

20 years back. I was a 2nd(or 3rd?) standard kid.

"Common wake up", my 'father khan'(*) screamed at around 2AM (or 3AM?).
"Hey, what are you doing in this night?"
"I told you yesterday that today you will have to wake up early"
"Really I don't remember. what’s so special ?"
"Today Argentina is playing against England"
"Let them play… what is to me?"
"You forgot! Need I rewind everything? I told you about Maradona right? If you are going to miss this match, it would be a great loss. Maradona is a great footballer like Pele. And he is in great form…"
"…Common… Gincettan, Joemonchettan everybody is there… Wake up"

I was not interested to disturb my cool slumber with sweet dreams of playing with Boris Becker and Stephi Graph. We were playing against Becker and almost on the verge of victory. Graph is a good supporting player …you know ;-) Dad disturbed that dream. Umm… However, I accompanied my father to Valiya-thalam, biggest room in the home where we kept our TV.

My uncles, cousins… everybody was already there. But a few were near to TV doing something there. A few were sitting in the sofa and giving ‘instructions’. One guy was standing outside; visible from the room. He was screaming something looking upward. I wondered what my cousin was doing out there. Everybody was making comfortable noise.

"John ...",A weak but clear voice from the corner.
Pin drop silence...
"...why are you late. I was waiting for you. This TV is not working", ohh my Grand father was also there in his easy chair.
"Appa(in uttermost respect), I did a round of check yesterday. it was working fine. May be wind is making problem...I'll check it.", my father (*)
He went outside and screamed "Who is there!! ohh pauly !!.. eda... do not put that antenna straight to that mango tree .. a bit up and move left of that tree. it should point to between that mango tree and coconut tree.. did you put ?... nge?(what?)...nga(ok)... Gince (my cousin sitting near the TV) that working...better ??? ..ok..Pauly ... move that a bit up... that Ok now?". Though the picture and sound is not so clear we were ok with that.

The game had already started. A few of us were Argentina fans, a few were Brazil fans (my father belongs to this league), a few were Germany fans and a few were on Spain’s side too. But I couldn't see any England fans. So, all eyes were set on Maradona. For the argument sake one of my Spain fan uncle turned to English side. I was surprised that … was this shortest guy Maradona (the great)!! But I astonished by watching his thighs. hammo!! it was as big as little 'george'. His speed has impressed me a lot.

A few minutes later I saw side-referee was waving a plate with a number and one guy with that number ran towards him. What happened to him? "Will referee give him any punishment? What wrong he did?” little George enquired his father. He told “Coach is replacing that player, he might have felt that that player was not playing well”.. Yeah, he was correct that referee changed the plate with another number and that player got into the ground.

The first goal itself made all of us cheer like we being Argentineans. They screamed "Goal...goal", I couldn’t see that goal very well. But I also joined the party. "Kathayariyathe Aattam kanuka" (watching Kathakali without knowing the story).Other players were running towards Maradona spreading their hands to celebrate the goal.

"Shut up...". My grandmother, "...why are you making so much noise in the night. if you want to watch the game..keep quiet..otherwise leave the place." My grandmother woke up.
"Amma, Maradona scored a Goal". For a moment she might have got angry for Maradona. She became cool, however. She was a woman with sports (wo) man spirit.
A winner of 100 meter race, in high-school-district-level. But she didn't know Maradona though she was indeed happy to see all her 'aan tharikal' (male offsprings) were assembled to watch this game. While she entered the room, my uncle exempted himself from sofa to thara (floor) and she comfortably occupied the place. Suddenly somebody jumped into her lap calling "Ammamma (grandmother)"; her grand-daughter, my cousin. "ohh you too Meril" grandmom was surprised to see her enthusiasm.

Discussion about the first goal went on for a while. Why England players had appealed against the goal? What was the wrong in it. "Did Maradona play offside?" My uncle expressed his doubt. (14 hours later TV news declared that was a Goal by the Hand of GOD!!!)

Game went on and was interrupted for a few minutes by an Argentinean player-change. A new young player, No:28, jumped into the field. He looked too small. Camera focused on him. Oh man… it is me. George +10 Argentinean players that includes Maradona the football magician. wow !!! I was running towards Maradona spreading my hands and jumped into his waist.
"Goal ..what a goal ..", Dad shook my head and I woke up. Maradona scored a second goal. I had missed that goal too.

I had not realized that I failed to witness the Goal of the Century!!!

Did you miss it? Watch the last goal of this clip.

Surprised to see my post title? Here is the Adidas TV commercial; Jose +10, worth watching.

* - It’s my freedom to call my father by any name (even in front of him and his brothers). But...


No comments about my favourite team ARGENTINA.
Your blog is really good to read. I hope maashum oru Argentina fan aanennu? Alle?

Nice read! Argentina was my favourite till last worldcup, and now it's England...but this time it looks like Argentina has the edge :-(

Antenna adjusting was a common practise in old times...i remember how much we used to rotate it to make the TV programs more "clear"

@Sujith: OfCourse, yes !!

@TP: let us see what Rooney and Beckham can do? We are looking for Messi's magic.

Man you got TV in '86. The earliest memory I have is Italia 90. And Maradona crying after the final :(

Argentina Has it
"Locuras de la Hincha Argentina en Alemania…
Vamos Vamos Argentina…El que no salta sera un Ingles
Ole Ole ole Ole OLA Ole Ole cada dia te quiero mas”

thats why I became their whole hearted fan.


I'm in ur club, me an argentineaen fan too. But unluckily I dont have any sweet memories of the 86 WC, how can a 3 year old have the chance to identify the 'Prince of football' in blue stripped jersey?

nice and looooong read.

keep ringing,
fan from venus

P.s: Still you couldn't recognize this beautiful mallu girl in ur building.
Mosham, Mosham,Mosham YASJ

I like most of the Brazil players, especially Ronaldinho, Carlos and Kakka, I love Brazil waves. I love their style. But Still I am an Argentinean Fan…I hate yellow players… just because Maradona with Blue stripped Jersey!!! If I started watching football from the days of Pele, the result surely would be in reverse.

PS: Chumma…. I didn’t see any beautiful girls in CTD !!! very rare species in the company itself. I would suggest you to use good mirrors. :-) or need I use some kind of specs?
Give me some clue ..let me try to find out my beautiful fan.


Anna... njanum maradonna fan.. rahtri muzhuvan onarnnirunnu TV kanum.. raville ammedennu adiyum kittum.. ennalum those times were fun

Akka... enikki chilappol rathri irunnu kali kandillenkil thallu kittumayirunnene ;-)


We would like to mention that, your fan 'from venus' is not a member of our association.Though we are not responsible for any kind of 'misbehaviour' from her(/He?)side.

Warm regards,

All India Anons Association.



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