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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I was a ardent cricket fan two-three years back. But now, I don’t know where the hell my passion for this game has drained away.

But I still remember a few matches.

The crowd was roaring in the gallery when one man danced down the crease for a six.
People say that he ‘is’ the God in square cut.
He forced the habit of celebrating each wicket taken in a fascinating way of forming circles.
He showed the urge for victory.
He is the most successful captain for the team till date.
He supported the new fellows hence cultivated the Team India.
His record says he is the 4th in world-highest run-hunter.

Yup He is Sourav Ganguly.

May be he is out of form. May be better players are in queue for ‘Team India’.
But I am shocked while reading the news “The doors are closed”.
I am ok with that decision because new talents will get a chance. But what shocked me was the description “Former Ranji Captain Sourav …..blah blah”.

He is not just a former Ranji Captain. He is the one who build the Team India. He is THE FORMER INDIAN CAPTAIN. He decorated that post more than any one, I would say. Just because he put the Indian team to the regular habit of winning matches.

Tail: If his name were Sachin he would be still in the team.


Yah I used to discuss with my friends that Saurav had brought the team spirit in the Indian Cricket team. You know when there is a fall of wicket in the opponent team you could see the roar of the Indian Captain. Which I missed to see in the Azhar's captiancy. Yah I mean it. Always Azhar has the same expression whether the team wins or fails. And yah after a long time its Ganguly who showed that India can reach finals whatever be the prilim's result be. Yesterday if you had heared the news you might had seen than Vengsarkaar had told that Ganguly can come back only after getting in form.

Hey Joju !!!

I totally agree with u :)

Comments about sachin is perfect.

He is not a match winner. He is only a century winner.


There are many issues behind this whole scene. Not just performance matters in Indian team selection.

1. Politics (First and foremost. It is the reason Sachin, Sehwag, and many giants stay there).

2. Ganguly's attitude (When he was not selected his reaction was immature, and was enough for hurting BCCI's EGO. Naturally they will try to keep him away next time. Rather he shud have proved his place by performance.)

3. His performance. He lost his charm somehow. And never tried to retain it. He was a regular in coming late to camps. He never liked playing local matches. I remember he missed Duleep Trophy for some silly reason. Dravid, Sachin and all still come for local matches.

4. Change is natural. You should find your own ways to resist it, Politics or Performance whatever it is you find the apt method to stay there.

Ganguly is not essential for a WIN, though he was out for some silly political reason. Dravid is a better captain, and a player than Ganguly, Sachin, or Azhar. India can still WIN.