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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

On the way to Goa…

To accomplish my 4th wish… We were passing through a lush green paddy.
Our Toyota MUV(1) steadily at 80 KMPH… a cool breeze through my hair, road is marked with White lines, a kinda sailing experience ….but it didn’t last for long. The road conditions were soon changed to “men at work” mode. I felt like riding a horse. More precisely I felt like I was sitting on an ACV(1), the same desert motor Brad pitt drives in the movie “Mr and Mrs Smith”.

I wish ..if I could ride it. !!!

But in India, I just can’t imagine driving such an ACV and I have no genuine intention to go on-site like my friends do. So What to do?

Within no second Indian model of same vehicle came to my mind. TRACTOR !!!

I wish to drive a tractor… preferably in a paddy field… I dream a bit more….
Ride a tractor in MY paddy field.

Compared to all other my wish… I have no idea how to fulfill this wish…neither I nor my relatives/friends own a paddy filed. I’d never even sat on a tractor in my life. But still, I wish !!!

Yes I wish to be a farmer for at least an hour!!!!

MUV:: Multi Utility Vehicle ; here Toyota Qualis :-)
ACV:: All Condition Vehicle


bug fix cheydu cheydu ninakku vattayoodaaa :-)))))