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Can you imagine a rendezvous with Shakkeela?

A flash back…

After failing a series of interviews, my friends insisted that I should improve my English. So I thought...ok just give it a try then!!! ini athinte poraayma venda

Joined a Spoken English class and found that speaking English is really interesting. Since everybody around didn’t know much English then, I didn’t feel shy to speak Queen’s language. My Thrissur accent fuelled with ‘Formula 1’ fast speech caused no one to notice any grammatical mistakes.

There I met two girls from Vimala college, Solly and Riya (For namesake). They were considerably cute and smart !!! within no time all boys in the gang changed their seats near to them !!! ചക്ക കൂട്ടാനില്‍ ഈച്ച വന്നിരിക്കണമാതിരി !!

They wonder that I am from GECT, the college near to their college! And I wonder that they clearly identified one known personality in my class!! For my classmates… in her description... he always wear a red T shirt means… bright color T-shirt. Always around girls… once he had an injury in his right leg… he had a bullet :-) And she didn’t forget to a give him a compliment … “He is handsome too”.

Anyway, as part of making conversation (to improve our language ..OK)

“What is your father… your hobbies… the story you liked the most… your favorite hero… blah blah …

Once I asked Riya by chance “Your mother’s name ?”

Surprisingly she refused to say… and promised that she will reveal it at the end of the class. Since her home is nearby she invited us to her home after the farewell party.

And she introduced her mother to us… “enthu chaiyanna ente pillere …ente peru Shakkeela ennannu!!” (What to do guys…my name is shakkeela). I was not sure whether her face was filled with shy or angry then?

What did we do… happily returned home and declared we met shakkeela :-)


happened to read "19, Kanal Road" by Sreebala K memon about her chennai life. There she wrote about her meeting with "Shakkeela" :-)

A very nice book !!! worth a read

Quite obvious answer.
It's our vayya-nokki No:1 V-Gas chullan

he he :) this was really funny :)

this reminds me of an incident my
frnd Anoop once happened to
tell me - not sure if he was chumma narrating some
movie comedy scene as a real life incident or he
really witnessed it, anyways, it goes like this .. It
seems one day when he was travelling in a jam packed
private bus in kozhikode, a guy made some hulla gulla
and shouted that he missed a stop and wanted to get
down right away. The conductor obliged and he got
down. But after getting down, he said that he wants to
inform his wife also to get down, and she was standing
somewhere towards the front .. And this guy started
running up and down (outside the bus) trying to locate
her through the windows .. So it seems the bus
conductor got angry for time getting wasted and told
the guy "eyaalude bhaaryayude peeru parayado .. njaan
urakke vilikkam, athu keettu pulli kkaari irangi
varumallo". But the guy refused to tell her name ..
The conductor got frustrated and forced him to tell
his wife's name and finally the guy had to say it ..
And you can imagine the condition of the poor guy when
the conductor shouted aloud her name and she got down
from the bus =))

thamasha kkarananallo mashe - kollam post, i will be back to read more...

Anon: ninte peru Dango ennallalo?

Sush/Maddy: Thank you !!!

Athu sathyam paavam aa amma arinjo ingane oru "Shakeelayum" irangi thirikkum ennu. Pakshe peru parayaan chammal veendeerunnilla sir-nte kathaa naayikakku!!!! :)

So u finallyk read that book. Its a one hell of a book. Very nice narration with a tinge of humor.

THat anon must be that ---- makan...