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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I came to know the meaning of Avenger Advt. after a 764KM long ride on it from Chennai to Bangalore and back.

I forgive Raveesh for the delayed start.
4.45PM -- 4KM -- Guindy
(later I understood that that was the right time to start the trip)

I forgive Jai-motor-service for not screwing the silencer guard properly
6.10PM -- 79KM -- Repair

I forgive the zipper-marker of Anoop's bag; Bijoy's NOKIA Mobile charger was lost through it.
7.00PM -- 131KM -- Vellore (Tea break-hotel Aarya- 20 min)

I forgive the persons who are responsible for NOT providing a ROAD-CLOSED signal and for NOT removing the sand near to the diversion that made me skid down result in a very minor injury on my right knee.
7.45PM -- 147 KM -- minor accident
(anyway I have learned the proper usage of power break.)

I forgive the people who have crossed the road randomly so that I missed a chance to chase the train on the parallel track like in Dil Chahtha Hain; I guess the train was @120KMPH and I couldn't accelarate more than 105 due to those people.
8.15PM -- 184 KM --Ambur (Tea Break)

I forgive the party workers who was almost blocked the road for a politician with the flag of rising sun.
9.30PM -- 251KM -- Krishnagiri

I forgive the state govt. for poor condition of their state. Failed to find a hotel near-by though high-way is great.
10.25PM -- 302KM -- hotel Shah inter (near Hosur)
(I felt that Kerala is great and it is a big single city)

I forgive Dhanush for keep me waiting at Silk board Junction.
11.30PM -- 333KM -- silk board junction
he is so caring; he was afraid that we might miss the road to his flat.

I forgive Ranjit for his miscommunication; I missed a chance to see him in blr

I forgive Melvin for not making himself available in the city at least by Sunday evening as he promised before.

I forgive Kairali restaurant at Madivala main road for not giving a meals on my expectation.
3.10PM -- 430KM -- Kairali Mess ; Start of our return Journey

I forgive the truck drivers who was moving very slowly at fast track.
4.20PM -- 475KM -- photo

I forgive Raveesh for confusing the turn at Krishnagiri. 2KM unnecessary ride to take a U-turn
5.10PM -- 517KM -- Krishnagiri
(without him I may not complete the whole trip ;-) and would have gone directly to AP ;-)

I forgive the shop-lady for not keeping the cold-water at her fridge.
5.40PM -- 544KM -- Tea( vellakkalnatham)

I forgive the service station who was done the service for Raveesh's Bike for not checking the odometer cable
6.30PM -- 591KM -- Pulsar Repair

I forgive John, my teammate, for sending an work related SMS with a warning that a hrash mail is waiting for me.
7.30PM -- 637KM -- Vellore (20 min tea break)

I forgive Raveesh for dragging a 15KM more after declaring a break; My buttocks were burning ; imagine a 95KM single stretch for a beginner
9.20 -- 732KM -- irigattukottai( near Sriperumbathur)

I forgive my father for NOT letting me for a Bike ride even to my Mom's house; just 22 KM away
10.20PM -- 764KM -- (D-16 KP towers)
All good fathers are so much concerned about their children.

Ride summary:

Chennai to Bangalore:
Route : Chennai , Vellore, Krishnagiri, Bangalore.

Top speed registered : 120 KMPH
Start time : 4.45 PM Friday
Stop Time : 11.30PM Friday

Speed composition
80 KMPH : 40%
100 KMPH : 25%
120 KMPH : 5%
Struggles :
Skid down on 147KM from the start (after Vellore)
Wrong side trucks/bikes
People on the road on a few places

Felt thrilling.

Bangalore to Chennai:
Route : Bangalore, Krishnagiri, Vellore, Chennai.

Top speed registered : 105 KMPH
Start time : 3.10 PM Monday
Stop Time : 10.20PM Monday

Speed composition
80 KMPH : 60%
60 KMPH : 20%
100 KMPH : 5%

Struggles :
3 sudden brakes
Wrong sided trucks/bikes
People on the road on a few places

Felt boring towards end;better choose an alternate route if any.
we had a alternative route through Chittor (AP).

I thank to God to give me a chance to forgive my father by a safe return
also I would like to extend my thanks
to Dhanush for his hospitality
to Bijoy for controlling my speed while I was going wild
Last but not the least
to Raveesh for inspiring me for a bike ride and guiding (covering) me on the road.


He He .. I liked the way you connected it with the Ad, Especially forgiving Father :)

And I Forgive you for just having 1.5 pegs of Bacardi Reserva.

@Dhanush: thanks for forgiving. we will make it next time, I hope.

Joju - cool man - Too good I'm impressed -

Tell me when you are coming to pune in bike

Nice to see your comment and you are just kidding. Pune in Bike !!!? it is not in my dreams neither in my wish-list.
let us see ; even blr trip was not there in my dreams.

764kms in bike?? Unbelievable!

Good to see that you guys are having lots of fun out there.

tp: I forgive you for not believing me ;-)

you may read 764 KM as 333+97+334 KM.

Jojs - Actually Sijin's idea is quite good.
The route can be Chennai-Blr-Pune and I think can be covered in 3 days .
And while return we can go to Bombay with Sijin's Fiero ( Athinippozhum fire undo aavo) and the take NH17 to Mangalore - Calicut- Trichur - then back to Bangalore/ Chennai.
Day 1 - Chennai -> Blr
Day 2 - Blr ->Belgaum (Or some place in the middle)
Day 3 - Belgaum ->Pune
Day 4/5 - Fun and Rest In Pune
Day 5 Evening -to Mumbai at Shana's(Via NH4)
Day 6 via NH 17 to Madgaon
Day 7 chilling in Goa
Day 8 Madgoa -> Mangalore
Day 9 Mangalore ->Vadakara And rest there
Day 10 Vadakara->Trichur And Rest there
Day 11 Meet at College ( That is still an exotic place .. isn it)
Day 12 Trichur -> Bangalore/Chennai.

14 days 3000+Kms. Maja, Mast and Dhamal .. What say ? When are we starting?

14 days !!!
12days in Bike and 2 days in hospital? nice planning.

3000+KM... interesting. Anyway ... Dream high.

it seems it is the only way to visit Vadakara.
one more suggestion. return trip you may come to chennai and

Day13 Chennai to Bangalore; enjoy the chennai-bangalore road.

what say?

Whoa! Looks like you had a rocking trip!!!

I bask in the sunshine
Of forgiveness of an avenger

@Jo : yeah ..indeed

@Melvin : ippo nee rest eduthu irunno... nine pinne avenge chaithollam

I forgot to leave a comment at tht time is superb!!..i'm not exaggerating..i'd forwardd tht to some of my frnds and vikas(my hus)...vikas was telling tht joju's written it very well..

pinne,parayathirikkan vayya ,120km/hril 20% journey!!!!...athraykokke venayirunnoo??????????????...chodikkanum parayanum veetilonnum arum ille?????

120KMHR il 20% illa. only 5%. means 8 to 10 minutes. around 20-25KM.
once accelerated to 100 it is tough to come back.

pinne veetil chodikkan aarum illa. am still bachelor ;-) Thats why I want to be continue as it is for a bit more time.

Poda pulle.Nee yeru puthiya kristhuvo,Ellarkuum poruthu kodukkuvan

Njan arennu oohichittu poruthu thada

ivan chaiyunnathu enthennu leval ariyunnilla ...leval aarayaalum levelnodu porukkename... Amen!

Am not forgiving u Joju :-) cud u forget to come for the wedding !!!!! :(


I was tired after long drive and left office early.
Next day only I realized that your mrg was over.

sorry yaar.


forgiven now :-)...

dont trust Raveesh when u go for such trips...he'll always confuse u :-)

that is so nice of you, young Lady!!

awesome man keep it up we also went to bangalore to pune and back within 4 days it was awesome that travelling was in splendor bike

Speaking of Jai Autos... I was never able to forgive them.



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