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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Chicken !!!!!!!!!!! My favourite dish through out my life. Beef has only second preference. If you "grep" my orders in a hotel, you will see Chicken in all lines. Chicken Tikka for starter, Hot and sour Chicken Soup, Chicken Fried Rice, with Ginger Chicken. I am really sad for not getting any Chicken Fruit Salad with Ice cream anywhere.

From my School days itself, (it is related to Kerala Christian culture), I restrained from eating meat items on Friday. So, obviously Chicken was included in that list. But nothing can stop me from eating Fish and Egg all days including Friday. Most of the people in my team, know my menu by heart. While my team plans a Dinner or Lunch on Friday, I used to just ask. "Guys, is it really on Friday. Confirmed ?!!! ". they know what I exactly meant. So, they will prepone the party to Thursday !!!!!! with a comment "Let Live Chicken on Friday"


its season of bird flues

I like roasting flues @ 70’deg. and eat ;-)
fairly nothing can stop me eating chicken :-)

Hi yasj! i can understand ur feelings about the bird and i totally agree with u (abt te dessert) u know i am vegetarian on saturdays and have 2 miss chicken[saaaaaaaad na], three cheers to u tht bird flu dint stop u frm eatin it..... catch ya at te next chicken carnival then....bye!

Thanks for leaving a comment, Vidya !

Yeah of course we may meet at next carnival :-)

Chicken Fruit Salad with Ice cream!!! heights of



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