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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

The story is basically life_of_a_college_student ; Wakes up lately , mother compelling to do some work; going college; late in the class room; making problems to teacher; meeting the lover; offering love; second hero came in between love; hero in sad; they sees heroine is going with third hero; both are sad; finally they find another girl ; running behind her ; END

Here Binny was the first Hero ; He was in stage 95% of the time. Done Extremely well
Meena - heroine . she needn't act. well experienced in the real life.
Me - Second Hero, friend of hero.
Dhanalaksmi - Teacher ; only 5 % in stage ; but got it was very catching performance.
Pavithra - Mother, another couple in the park, student
Sujith - Another couple in the park, Bath room door, tree
Arun - Mirror part, Third Hero
Raveesh - Shower(he named after this role) , Tree.
Ramkrishnan , Shiva -- bunch, tree, door.

Binny is requesting to sleep again to his mother (Pavitra).
Others are idle.

Take a Bath before going to college; Raveesh is the one with one hand up(shower), binny in front of him; two doors ; rest are resting

after a bath ; Make up; Only two are in the virtual stage; Binny and Arun; Arun imitating Binny in a mirror style.

Class room Seen; Binny is now standing idle; yet to join the class.
Teacher Dhanalakshmi is reading the notes; others writing.

This is a park seen.
Binny is requesting to forgive him for being late;

Dhana, Pavitra; idle
Raveesh , sujith; tree
Ramki and Siva; bunches.
Me ; idle

I am offering rose to Meena; She asked my heart back as she already asked to binny.
He is watching this scene behind the trees; Meena threw away Binny's heart and keeps mine.

Again trouble; Third Hero (Arun) offering his life ; Binny showing the scene to me. He is happy now ; am sad and frightened. she thorws my heart and keeps Arun's. and went with him.

After that we are so sad; and console each other; saw other girl; run behind her;
Then a final salute;

Thats it. Uday and Prabhu were laughing like anything.
"it is just like a professional performance" Their appreciation.
Yes ; we were; Done a good amount of practice for this.



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