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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

I went to Anish home on this weekend, main purpose was to see his son Aaron, a three and half year old boy. Heard a lot about that kid from Anish and Ramesh. BTB I am reporting to Anish in my organization, a Mallu guy, He is very jolly and technically an expert in the team. If he left the team, 25 % gone. Ramesh is my PL. yet another 25 %.

Ok Back to Aaron. When I saw him, I just said "Hi Aaron". He was so happy to see that I know him. Immediately he become my friend and started playing too. He is like that; open to anyone. He did the same thing when Raveesh joined us.After a round of play, Raveesh offered him a bike ride. Aaron was so interested to experience it. But Anish was not permitting him. Then the kid gave an offer to his father.

"Please pappa, I'll bring you an Ice-Cream while I return"
What an offer.



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