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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

He must be kidding. My father is planning to search a girl for me.

If it was last year, I would have been happiest. At that time I had no mind storming work. Nothing to worry about. just go to work, come back, sleep, movies, get together, football... just cool life. I was bored. no challenging thing in life. So I "begged" to the same person to arrange a marriage for me. I was interested to take some responsibility in my life. but he just neglected without a word as if I am a kid.

Now I have some penultimate year planning. More interested in long drives. Want to concentrate more on work. Want to restore my flat tummy back. want to roam around some places with friends.

Wife; meaning of wife is responsibility ( Mohanlal in Dasaradham)
Marriage means a total surrender, Am I right?

"I am going to a party"
"with out me ?!!!"
"ponne it is a drinks party"
"ohho vellamadiyanalle..."
"...must return before 8.30. Am alone here"
"it is 8 now, I will not get time even to sip a peg".
"thats more than enough; Look..What I have told I have told"
...Is she a daughter of Pilate to say like "What I have written I have written" ?

This is why I am telling..Marriage is a complete surrender.
I didn't own any bike in Chennai one year back, Now I have. I want to roam around more.

So I said to Mother
"Look Mom, I don't want to get surrender this year."
"So what will you do to get a movie ticket ?"
"I have a sister for it"
"Ok, you were complaining that you are not getting good food there, don't you want a wife?"
"Mom, nowadays I don't have any expectation on these girls; probably I can cook better than them...".
"...Also last year you were told that you are coming to stay with me... the doors are still open".
"Son...then who will look after your father!!!"
"enthenkilum chaiyyu... Am going back"
"wait one more question..."
"...What should I to do with your the half-folded mat?"



Onnu pettannu kettadae...allengil udanae thannae nee COCyil kudungaan ella chancesum njaan kaanunnondu :-))...

Ente ponnu maashe: Kalyaanam kazhikkanam. Pakshe maashu paranjathu correct aanu.
Njaan ippol Nikhil-ne vilichathe ullooo. Avanodu paranjatha kalyaanam kazhinjaalum
namukku "Koodanam" ketto? Pinne cooking: innathe pennungal adukkalayil keri undakkunnathilum
bhedamanu aanungal keri vallathum undaakkunnathu. Athukondu enikku ente ponnu maashinodu
onne parayaanulloo. Kalyaanam fix cheythaal njaanum maashum nikhilum koodi oru party thrissuril.

Ayyoo...lot of misunderstanding...

Marriage is having a companion to do things you enjoy. Find someone who shares lot of ur interests and then u can do it together.

If u cook better than any girl, then u should cook and she can help. Who says she is the one who has to do all the cooking.

Ardha raathri 10 mani......
joju enna joju john sukhanidhrayil... Kothukinte moolal avanu tharaattu...

Pakshe Pettennu avan unarunnu. mandham mandham kaal nadayayi engotto pokunu. Athu kandu unarunna room mate Jojuvine pidichu nirthaan 'try' cheyunnu.

Pakshe, Nishphalam aa prayathnam.
Padacha thamburaan vichaarichaalum Joju nadakkum...
athum... urakathil thanne.

Yeah...You badly need a wife. At least to help you out in the sleep walking endeavours. Who else will keep awake in night for a person who is doing research on Somnambulism.

wishing you a dusky damsel,
Anoop Surendran


Yeah you are absolutely true. but I need some reason to pause my father.


eda...ellam ingane vetti thurannu parayalledai...

Ente mashe urakkathil nadakkunna asukham undo?

Appol pennu kettunnatha budhi. Paavam room mates, avarengilum avide kidannu urangate...

Njaan annu paranja "belt case" nokkunno?

da da dai



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