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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Part I :Touching 5 year after we split
Part II : Once WE lived there

Part III : Changes

After Ranjit and Apupama joined we decided to move to Wimbis as we are not expecting anybody more.
ohh a new (motor)cycle-stand built nearby hockey ground. changes !!!
The Hockey ground is still clean. Usually they don't allow people to play cricket on this ground. it is tough to play hockey in a ground with even a small pit. My memories about hockey ground are always bound to the way we were running to catch the local bus. while we were in the pavilion side, A bus to town appears on other side. then ? we have to run to catch it. but we are in confusion whether to run in front of people in the ground (usually it was occupied by students from other college too; oh ok especially girls from Vimala college ;-), if we missed, it is shameful, isn't it. while we are in confusion to take a decision somebody (most likely Melvin) says "Run". within no time we start running.and never missed bus in such occasions.

Jeesna mol was still refused to come with me. So I gave an offer; ice-cream from Wimbis. It seems working. she is in confusion. she gave a glance to me and to her Umma. then walked besides me :-) she started talking to me. (in a second her mind changed)
"who are these people, uncle?"
"looks like beggars" she added.
She saw one kid was swinging( in an Oonjal made by those gypsies) . she wanted to swing in the same one. Kids have no problem with beggares, cast, religion, white, black.
No wonder that Jesus told "unless you become like children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven". They are the heaven; they are the key to make this world a heaven.
I was in dilemma; what to do not to put her in cry? tried the same old trick. "if we spend much time here, we will not get ice-cream".she agreed with that and marched towards Wimbis. Unfortunately it was closed :-( we had 7 teas in a particular day from that shop !!! it was a good spot to see Vimala Girls ;-) what to do ; boys-inte ororo prasnagal

"Uncle, where is the ice-cream?"
"yeah, we are going to get it from Varsha. see this shop is closed"
Varsha; the place were we ordered only cool milk; just 4 Rs at that time and it is a heaven.

On the way I saw pallimoola Church. it has renewed. it is very big now. Changes everywhere.
Reached Varsha and Jubin or somebody picked Jeesamol with them. and she got ice-cream from them. As usual I ordered a coool milk. I am not sure how many cool milk we -I,Mel, Bijoy - had from there.

Then moved back to college. time for lunch. planning, choices for hotels, likes/dislikes. Anyway decided to choose a new hotel, Mothimahal. Just for a change. Again confusion; what to order; north indian, chineese .blah blah.

Jiju added "while we are in Italy, we are in search for meals; here we are searching for Pizzas"

Then a quick visit to City-Centre and to Alukas hotel for a beer. Ohh its name is also changed to somethingelse.

Anyway I found something unchanged; A bat in the electric lines near to New computer science block. Anil swears that it was there while we studied there. Anyway I am sure that it was there two years before while I was a guest lecturer there.

I forgot to Add that before we had lunch Dhanush went to C-49 to see his old hostel room.

to be continued...


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