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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Sometimes I think...women deserve more respect. Why people ogle at them? Even I am not an exception :-(

She takes pain to give birth for a new life, she adjusts a lot to build a home, she absorbs everything especially others pain, She has that magic touch which heals all your pains.

I remember one Bob Marley's song, "No women No cry". Was he very sad to see a woman crying or did he mean that if there were no women in this world, we needn't cry? Just kidding…his lyrics is striking out the later. Yeah, no one wants to see a tear is running down her cheeks. Why is she crying?

Mahatma Gandhi once said that he would call India an independent country only when a woman can walk on the roads at midnight without fear. At that time he could only dream about it. Why not today ?

Frankly, I won’t blame men in all cases.

Respect should come from our inner self. I won’t respect a womon who clearly shows her anatomy. Why do they wear such revealing clothes?
Don't they have any value for what they have?
Or Do they think it as freedom? Luckily Gandhiji is no more;

I would like to share my new hobby. Whenever I see such a woman (Girls are much better I would say), I will start watching the surrounding people. Last weekend I went to Landmark and I saw a slut. I couldn’t get a better word to describe that junk woman. She wore her pants in such a way that, if she lower it an inch down, the purpose of dress will be meaningless !!! So I thought that this is the best time for my hobby. I saw a few boys around her. they were looking at her like"evidunnu varunnadai ee charakku" ( from where she is imported?)
Not at all a surprise for me. I kept on scanning more people and my eyes stuck with a lady, I guess she was a Mallu and her expression was so strange.
"savam" (dead body). I can see her anger at the corner of her eyes.

So my point to make for ladies is ....
If you are not in the flesh trade, I mean ..if you are not a pro, wear decent clothes
It attracts respect!!

Penmakkale sleevelessum microminiyum dharikkan padippikkunna ammamare mukkaliyil kettiyittu adikkanam.
(Those mothers who train their daughters to wear sleeveless dresses and micro minis should be punished in the public.)

Shall I change the title to "Allow me to respect women"?


Just one quote for both men and women:
If you are not in the business, then don't advertise!

ennalum joju nee landmarkil poyappo enne koodi vilikkam aayirunnu :-)))


enerally we dont look "that way" at women who are dressed girls who are dressed sexily should be prepared for the attention they are going to get..and also its ok if u just "see" a girl...only when u go beyond that and start working on the girl's body do u go wrong :-)) till then we ll enjoy "bird watching"

Well the topic was discussed by our hostel mates a year ago. I think women living in kerala are far better than others. Thats why we(my friends) are looking for "Respectable" woman. Yah its still a hot topic. Thats why BJP raised their voice against conducting miss world in Bangalore(Well i don't remember the year properly). Well most mallu boys use to stare at the women who wear sexy dress,including me. But when it comes to marriage we change our trends. Why? The answer is in your blog...

@John: Cool slogan!!

@Loo: Next time surely I'll call you; but I doubt whether your wife allow you or not ;-)

@Praveen: enthorolu mahaanubhavaloooo. what a decent fellow !!!

@Sujith: Am not worried about the 'dress' as such. but the way a few people wears it.
Saari is the best example. Sexiest dress in the world, I would say. But the women, who know to wear it decently, get respect(everywhere).

Hey, thanks a lot for linking to Blogswara website! I appreciate it very much.

I so do not agree with this post.

U say is when a women wears revealing clothes she is asking for it? How many guys walk ard with shorts and those white undershirts (whit no sleeves), but we girls do no drop everything and ogle at them.

Woman should be respected for what she is not what she wears.

I can not believe you said mothers shud be punished for dressing their kids in sleeveless tops.

It’s so strange that you think girls should be reprehended for their outfit and not guys who are lusted by it.

I was eagerly waiting for a Girl's perspective on this issue.
Here goes my view in detail.

I am agreeing with you on the statement
>>>Woman should be respected for what she is not what she wears.
But I mind how it wears. Take an example saari. It could be wear in prettiest way and in a most seducing way. HOW it wears makes difference.

I am not seeing any problem with dress of women swimmers. We (mean most boys) are sensible enough to understand why they are using it. But I can not agree with a few girl's style of comfort. Watch "Fear Factor" in AXN (I Guess) where you can see men in shorts and Women in undergarments. The competition is same for both !!! I couldn’t find any reason for it.

I don't think chest of men is a seducing element as compare to that of women.

Take a case of T-shirt. I never intend to say that this particular dress is a wrong one for Girls. It is a right match for a few girls. I like to see it. it is not a seducing factor to me. I could appreciate them for their sense of dressing. But I feel to omit while a few others wears it. Some times I couldn’t took my eyes from it, Frankly. Daivathinte oro vikruthil

Mind it; even churidar is not suitable for a few.

I can understand your comment
>>> U say is when a women wears revealing clothes she is asking for it?

Women may not ask for sex while they are wearing a revealing cloth. but it seduces others. it is a wrong signal, I would say.

I personally knew a couple of girls; they almost wear all such dresses.
They have no intention of sex; they never intend to seduce somebody.
They wear it because they used to it. They don’t know about the wrong signal.
So problem lies with the people who train them to wear it.
Problem is with the people who teach them that those dresses are modern.
Children believe that their Mom or Dad are TRUE.

>>> It’s so strange that you think girls should be reprehended for their outfit and not guys who are lusted by it.

Criminals and those who are persuading them to do a crime deserve an equal punishment.
And IMHO if nobody is there to persuade, that crime may not happened.

Let me know your opinion.

Hope you will read YOU (if any) as GIRLS throughout the post.


I strongly disagree with your views on the female dress code.
Can i take this opportunity to throw some light on the way our ancestors (this soul belongs to kerala) dressed?
If you have the patience to travel a bit longer to the history -Pre independence era- or have any octagenerians at your place, you could ask them whether any of the females except for the upper castes were allowed to cover their breasts.

Well, if your time machine doesn't allow you to travel that far, you could go back to 70s or 80s. What was the dress code many heroines followed? I guess it was blouse and mundu, right? dear YASJ, no one has ever made any complaints about the way they dressed.

I doubt if the 'Gen nxt gals' are wearing so skimpily clad than the way their ancestors did.

Expecting brickbats,
A fan from venus


Some girls don't want you to respect them. And the family they are from or the society they live in is okay with such "Micros" or "Low waist pants".

I have seen another category very interesting. When they live outside their homestate or town they wear such inviting costumes. Back home they are "Mullappoo choodiya malayali penkodi", I mean they wear traditional dresses. Adaptable !!

My dear Fan from Venus,

A simple request first !! come to earth please!!!
And thanks for your comment.

And of course, I do agree with one of your point.
Once, unfortunately, it was my fate to watch "Rangeela"(without any 'cut') with my family and my aunt's family.
My father said : "ayye what this Urmila is doing. Doesn’t she have a feel of shame?"
My reply : "Father, at your time you watch Jayabharathi, Seema ... let me watch at least one Urmila;
She didn't showed more than your favourite heroines"

But I would like to differ from here onwards.

While you were traveling in your time machine, couldn’t you see how poor our ancestors was !!! Just a blouse and mundu. Later we designed sarees and then Churidar to fulfill women's thirst to cover their body more efficiently. hence differ on your point
>>>>no one has ever made any complaints about the way they dressed.

Couldn't you see the embarrassed faces of women who were forced not to cover their body. May be their prayers + act of our social leaders (who believes that it is a woman's right to cover her breast), Govt. was forced to override this caste based segregation.

And nowadays these girls are laughing at those social leaders, saying that it is their right to show their ___________(whatever) !!!

Gopu, I know two Gopu's in my life. hope you are my X-colleague.

Interesting to see your findings !!!

Well 'saree' is one of the best example which you had put foreward. And ofcourse your point is right, we need to blame the parents. And the other factor is that the women who wear these dresses should take their own time to think about the vulgarity hidden in these dresses. God had given brain to humans, atleast make use of it. And one more thing, yesterday when i came to my room everyone including some of the senior staffs(must be aged more than 45) are sitting in front of the TV to see Sania Mirza. Why?????

Hi Joju,

It all depends on how a girl carries herself, no matter what she wears. If a girl can carry herself well in a sleeveless dress, then I dont think guys would stare at her in an indecent way. Samething holds good for sarees also.

Girls should wear what suits them, what u say is right, dressing up like the girl u saw in landmark, would definitely catch the guy's attention and there is no point in blaming the guys for this.

But there are also cases where guys do pass cheap comments at girls who are even decently dressed. That is what is irritating..


Thanks folks...
for making my simple thought lively. Your comments gave me an opportunity to clarify my point. Also I am happy to see a couple of girl's opinion about this post which I value the most.
Thanks Thanu/Sush!!

I hope that I didn't hurt your opinion.

Gopu, you made the point :"Some girls don't want you to respect them".

John, Praveen, Loo, my Fan from Venus, Sujith: Thanks for your time to make your thought on this matter.

Everywhere you may see good and bad. I can understand that ogling at somebody is irritating.

And Chennai deserve the title, "Cultural capital of India".
I could see most girls in churidar here and people are respecting women the most compare to other cities.

Yah chennai is far better than bangalore.

Ente joju, nee engane okke olla karyangal churcha cheyyunnathinu munpu aarodenkilum onnu chodikkende? Njan adutha blogil ninnu 'sabdham' kettu odivannathanu. Nee enthina ethokke kaananum, kelkkanum pokunnathu? Adhava kandal, mindathirunnu kandonam. Ngha pottu!! Aadyamayathu konda. Entho kandu pedicha poleyundu. Allenkil 'kolmayir mania' pidipettathakam. Edakkide 'spencer plaza' yil poyi ninnal mathi. Athu thaniye maarikkolum.


>>Criminals and those who are persuading them to do a crime deserve an equal punishment. And IMHO if nobody is there to persuade, that crime may not happened.

This doesn't not make sense for me. I think everyone should be personally responsible for what he/she does.

If I persuade u to go commit a crime, u have a mind of ur own to decide. No matter what I say u r gonna think about it and ONLY if u feel U are gonna do it.

EX: I can go on and on about how a particular person doesn't dersire to live and it makes so much sense for you to get rid of him/her. But, u r not gonna do it because u think killing is a crime.

At the same way a girl wears something skimpy, u choose to look at her. She does pesuade you, but let urself be persuaded. She is not the one to be blamed here.

>>So problem lies with the people who train them to wear it.
Most of my sense of dressing is not frm my parents and I don't think my mom ever dressed like her mom. We are indviduals with minds of our own, and we wear what makes us feel good. Please don't tell me I think so b/c my parents trained me to wear these clothes.

@Sujith: kollam, experience make a man perfect !

Dear Anon,

choose a 'pen' name please.
And do call me whenever you visit Spencer plaza.
FYI: ispahani centre have more good collections.

@Thanu: I am glad to see your reply. let me explain my point.

You are absolutely right. Criminals are responsible for their act. Because as you said an adult should know the right and the wrong. Keep in mind, ONLY adult. I mean, a teenager may not responsible for his crime.(I am not a Psychologist, but) sexual desire begins at teenage, I believe. Those girl's 'stage' shows are not exclusively for adults. The youngsters are also watching it.

So to whom you are going to blame for a teenager's crime.
he may not capable of controlling his desire (Like I do ;-)?

(I have already expressed my views ) if ...if there is no'brainwasher', this criminal may not even think of it.
Ok ... leave all above matters.

As an Adult I should control myself ,I agree(control devi kaividalle !!!), But my question is...
Should I respect her?

My grandmother wears chatta and mundu. I never see my mother wearing this. She always wears Saree. My sister wears Churidar (at least now).she might start wearing saree after her marriage, I guess. What I am trying to prove is that a girl shouldn't ditto follow her mother.

If you are not agreeing with the necessity of a decent dress to build a decent culture, you may not understand the role of Mother.

Mom teaches us about the values in our childhood. Or she set it in her child automatically. Girls at the age of 10, she looks cute in micro mini. it doesn't send any wrong signals. But problem starts when she continue to use the same even at the age of 25. it will be worse, if she still uses the same old piece. A mother may prevent her daughter to start this forthcoming disaster.

In fact, I had blamed a mother not because of "actual training" to dress so, but she failed to prevent her daughter to do so. Yes, don't blame mothers as you said. Because now 'you' are an adult to think about the right and the wrong.

Ofcourse are free to wear anything that makes you comfort. But mind others too. I am very much comfortable in my boxer shorts. A few might love to wear only their 'jockey'. What I am trying to say is...

Please restrain yourselves saying that girls (or even the opposite sex) will walk nude, others may close their eyes. And hope that you will not laugh at people for not having 'self-control'.They might get persuaded by seeing a free show.

So what do you think? let me know.

PS: Hope that you will read 'you' as GIRLS throughout the post.

Well "experience"? Ente ponnu maashe... Entha uddeshichathu.
After having a 3-4 months experience of job hunt in bangalore,
i told my mom: "Please i dont want to marry a lady in bangalore".
May be its nice to walk her through forum or brigade road etc but
not with me! Why take chances. Well i dont blame all bangalore
gals. Those gals can be counted in ur fingure(Viralil ennavunnathe

Sir its me who became Anonymous. Sorry for the mistake.

ninte job hunt thanne !!! I was there for around 2 months.

>>So to whom you are going to blame for a teenager's crime.
he may not capable of controlling his desire ?

I was a teenager once and trust me being a teenager does not mean being ignorant or stupid. Do u think all the teens out there who eve tease girls or go grab these girls don't they know it is wrong. Every person (young or old) knows the difference between rite and wrong and we all act based on it.

I have lived most of my life in Tamil Nadu and 2 years of my life in Kerala. The amount of eve teasing that happens in Kerela is absurd. I moved to kerela when I was 15 and our uniform used to be Salwar Kameez with Dupatta (how more conservative can it become) that still did not stop rogues from doing things that they would never do to their sisters or mothers. What u wear has nothing to do with it, I learned that the hard way in KSRTC buses.

>>Mom teaches us about the values in our childhood.
Haha I love your this point. Does this same mother teach her sons to go feel up every naive girl traveling in the bus from home to school, pass unruly comments when they pass by.

Is it the mothers that teaches her sons that? And these mothers should not be punished but mothers who let their daughters wear a mini skirt should.

It about time guys (young and old) takes responsibility for their actions and NOT blame it on other ppl, I was helpless that pretty girl that passed by made me do it. That is plain Bull Crap.

I'm not gonna comment anymore on this I think I have said everything I have to say.

Yeah I know it is horrible, I know the cases of KSRTC buses. Do you want to see woman harassment in its maximum? Come to Thrissur pooram with a hockey goal keeper's suit.

I would like add one thing. I am neither against all the girls in the world nor support all the boys.

In the case of boys, not only mother but his father is more responsible for his son's act, I would say. I don't think that a mother who can not control her daughter could control her son.

and my topic was that how can I respect a women who shows her anatomy?
But I do respect women who wear her dress neatly. doesn't matter; she is pretty or ugly. her dressing style reflects the beauty of her mind.

my intension was to aware women about the wrong signal's.
though I didn't mention explicitly I would like to convey one message too.
People who enjoys 'hers' nudity clearly see 'her' as just a sex machine;that prevents them to respect her.
and my request to them includes not to show their secret things to the world.

enthina nammalaayittu mattullavare vazhi thettikunnathu?
vazhi thettanulla oru 'vazhi' namukku adachukoode?
vere kure vazhikal undenkilum

Thanks for your active comments, Thanu!

shake the heads a little bit and grow up

eda bhayankaraaaa ... are you still alive?

then..Can I grow up by shaking my head (only a bit)? I doubt ;-)

'Alla ee sujith ella 'anon' marudeyum 'pithrutham' eetteduthirikkunnallo. Entheluppam!!! Avan maathramalla ee blogile 'anon' mar ennu evide prathekam prastavikkunnu. By the by joju, kaaryangal ellam kalangi thelinjathukondu ..we will go for a boooose.Enthaaaaaa?


levanne kondu... eda nee oru kurisaayallo ;-)

anyway happy to see your pen name, 'zero' :-)
Am sure that you are in chennai only.

Dai 'Joju',

We have realised the fact that, you don't have any respect towards the 'anons' of this blog. You just called one of our member (Zerohour) 'a kurusu'. This is not fair and we need immediate action from your side. Do apologise or...

All India 'Anon's association.

Dear Secretary,

We Christians consider 'Kurisu' as most respectable thing in this world.
Hope you will withdraw your further actions.

Thanks and Regards,


if u r seduced seeing a girl or women ( however she is dressed), then the problem lies in u.. Don't try to blame others for that..


Thanks for your comment.
But who said that I got seduced??!!!

In fact it is my 'part-time hobby' only:-) ...No blame to anybody !!!

I am not bothered about getting seduced. if it were.. it is my problem only.

But my point is ...I can not "respect" her. bcoz 'She' is doing nothing less than what 'Sakeela' does. 'She' has no respect for her feminity. I would say.

Hope that you will not say ..exhibiting sex is for convenience/freedom.
(yeah I agree that it is our convenience :-)
It is just an exhibition only!!! a free one to the public... enjoy !!!

Be value what you have !!! Be a proud woman. (if you are a woman)


Off topic : Are you from Singapore?



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