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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

When I got a fairly good rank in Kerala Entrance, my Father was sure about getting an admission in GEC, Thrissur. He was not at all bothered about the stream . But only thing he insisted was about the College ie., GEC, Thrissur. I was sure about getting a seat in Electrical branch. All my cousins were in that stream in same College( 'admitted' to CSE a couple of days before the first class). He didn't allow me to opt any other College and hence I missed a Hostel life.

You could see a Businessman's eye to cut down the hostel expenses and a usual parent's mind to get a full control over a teenager, his Kadinjool (first born) and a loving father's heart to spend more time with his son.

So I became a day-scholar. Did I Miss anything?
Yes, I lost
A wide opportunity to see the outer world.
A chance to live with a crowd to know the meaning of Adjustment and sharing.
A good chance to know others feelings and pulse.
A fair chance to know the self-money-management.

I lost a chance to run a BIG Mess, the pleasure of bargaining for the massive amount of groceries for the mess and save money (pacha malayalathil moshanam) to face the discrepancies in the final account settling.

I lost a chance to fully involved in drama rehearsals, dance practices etc. I am still sad about not being able to act in Dhanush' Skit in 6th semester on the theme of Malayalam Movie- Niram. All characters in this skit were my old classmates with minor changes in their names to make it funny, vangana rames aka Anjana, pikkas (Mallu tone for pickaxe) aka Vikas , vaneesh aka Suneesh are just a few example . He was succeeded in stitching most of the events happened very often in the college. I strongly suspected that the hostellers purposefully avoided us (day-scholars).

But I was happy to say that they were kind enough to make me main dancer in the cultural program. Couldn't they find a shorter guy than me?

I lost a chance to go out in the middle of the night and eat Mutta-Porotta, Dosa or whatever available that time from a thattukada

I lost a chance to lay down on the College Cricket Ground in night and watch the stars.
I lost a chance to visit tharavaadu at least once. (my father has 36 eyes in the town)
I lost a chance to become a Raja Ravi Varma by putting my hands in drawing on the walls.
I lost a chance to be nostalgic by visiting my hostel room after 5 or 10 or 20 years.

Anyhow we decided to live in the College Hostel for a week. Mel, Vikas, Bijoy- do you remember?

"Father, I want to complete my final year project."
" least you started thinking about the project in the last month"
"That is the Engg. College Style, you may not know"
"eda I also passed through your age..."
"...Ok what do you want from me to complete your project"
"I just want your permission to stay in the hostel for a week; so that we can work together to finish the project..."
"...Mel, vikas and Bijoy .. all are staying with me"
" Is Bijoy also coming..."
"...then you may go"

Bijoy was a star in my home. What an innocent fellow!!!
"you must watch and follow Bijoy...", Mom reminds me once in a month.
"...I afraid that he might ruin himselfif you walk along with him" she added.
"Of course, I'll try to", I promissed. (happy to announce that I kept my words ;-)

May be April 21st is one of the unforgettable day in the hostel, Chit-chat till mid-night !!!
We shared our old crushes, just crushes !! Hours flew like a second.
It was 4AM when we decided to stop and sleep. We were supposed to touch our final yearproject at least on the last day :-(

Other highlighted thing was eating Mutta-kolli from thattukada at Mid-night.

But I am so glad to realize that
I still keep a good relationship wuth my local friends; Still, whenever I go home, I meet a couple of friends every time; they are still keeping the local Thrissur accent and I am loosing my trademark tone :-( even it become tougher for me to understand the current Thrissur slangs !!!
"ippo evide kidanna thiriyanne ?" my local football team-player asked once.
I took a few seconds to realize that he is asking where I am working now !!!

I am blessed to enjoy ammachi's exotic dishes for all of my life except these 2 years. Sometimes it is horrible even to hear about the junk hostel food.

Needn't worry about food; everything is ready on time; I can show my anger for a minor mistake in meals or curries;"enthoram uppa ithu!!! oru kottakkundalo"( a lot of salt !!!)
Mom always complains to father "athai ee chekkane kondu hostelil nirthu ; ennale ivan padikku". (send him to Hostel to teach a lesson)

Needn't wash my clothes !!! what a Lucky I was !!!

Needn't worry about Money, "appacha oru 20 roopa"; ha ha.
"appacha oru 250 roopa; oru textbook vangikkana"; that was my main resource to eat out ;-)
Occasionally he is ready to give money for that; but no thrill in it ;-)

Day-scholar-ship allowed me to work in CLC and was a librarian for 5 years. Could see a lot of people throughout. Activities like arranging tournaments, book fairs, competitions, fights duing meetings ..I will never get such things in a Hostel.

"might" be continued...

Part I :Touching 5 years after we split
Part II : Once WE lived there
Part III : Changes



You rock man, Your way of expression, writing every thing rocks.
way to go...

A fan from venus

Good to see your blog.... I enjoyed it....


"Should be continued"...

Coz there are more yaar...

how could you forget the "@#$* OFF" party. we sang songs in the corridor till late night after the booze. Vicky bought some 18 yr old black label for that :)
And there are guys like TP and jimboli who are willing to buy their rooms in the C hostel.
And the Kishore songs in Lino/dipankar's room in the afternoons..

@Anon: Thanks

@Anjana: Happy to see you around here.

@Melvin: I forgot "@#$* OFF" party because I was not there; I missed it :-(
You foooool; you made me sad reminding this.

yeah correct, it is my fault; I forgot about TP, the man who wished to buy his hostel room. But TP was not the only one; while I was a guest, I wished the same; to buy that house itself. Now after 2 and half years I wish to buy D-16 too. Attachments!!!

Yaa sir i was also a day scholar. And i had lived in more than 3 hostels. As u know that we dint had MH.So i used to live a few days in Nikhil’s hostel at the time of exam. most of the time we discuss about girls and then get into studies at late 12.

Hey Joju,

Nice one...ur posts are really funny....helps me to pass my time :-D

continue blogging :-)

Happy Weekend..


glad to know that you enjoyed it.

Thanks Sush!!

Don't tell about my blog to your PL. she might kill me for wasting your time :-)

@Sujith: you are crazy !!! traveling daily from Palakkad !!!
Missed a chance to see you in your hostels

No sir my house is in Punchapadam,near Kadampazhipuram(ormayundo Kadampazhipuram?).
So i have to travel nearly 3-4 kms from home to coll...

Yeah, I do remember; but Thriruvazhiyode is the most stuck place.

Yah my home is near to Thriruvazhiyode. So am i.

Bijoy had such big name in your hse? Kashtam ;)

avane vachu nokkumbo njanokke enthu decentaada ;)

Btw I liked this post really well. I remmeber the day you told me abt the crushes in that hostel room..
mmm those were days

Entha chaiyya... bhavathilum avante poleyaakanameda !!!
Thats the key to impress.

nice one..i have stayed in a hostel..and stayed at home during my college days..each has its won little pleasure..But hostel life definitely makes your more daring!! :-P



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