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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Whole world was watching Thrissur Pooram at Swaraj Round and I was watching it on TV !!!
Whole stream was flowing to Thrissur and I was flying away from it.

My favorite item is the Pooram firework and it was cancelled/blocked by the authorities due to a fire explosion accident- result in death of 7 ( some people says that the firework was cancelled not to show the condolence to the people who died for it but it was to show the angry towards the arrest warrant to the high officials) Anyway I missed it. So went to see Ali aka akku at CUSAT.

While return back I had experienced a heavy block at Sakthan Thamburan Market. Road was still in fact dead. I waited around 15min in bus. Bus has moved only a meter or less.

I wish if I were a Spiderman !!!

but how can I use the spidernet? Market is a vast open place without a single tall building. :-( So I decided to walk. Believe me; even after 1KM walk no vehicle was moved more than 3 meters. Reached at the railway station junction and saw a complete deadlock; the police man was helpless. he was walking between and giving instructions ; and things were out of his control ; he can not give instruction to the driver who was trying to penetrate half a KM away :-)

I continued to walk to home around 1 and half KM away. And saw a friend of mine and he was 'biking' towards the town. I gave a warning to him not to choose those roads; he was astonished that I was walking all the way from there.

"Are you a Phantom?"

Yes he is also working in a software company where the people are getting called by the name of this superhero, if they happened to use staircase instead of lift ;-)

My Mom was very happy to see that I was sweating all over;
"enthenkilum aavette kurachu nadanna lakshanam undu"

The Pooram firework was cancelled on 1948 to give respect to Mahatma Gandhi and 1962,63 (unknown reasons). and on 2006 it was postponed to next day without much notice and I was @ cochin; A big loss for me :-(


I hv always wanted to see the thrissur puram.. staying in kottayam meant, I never travelled beyond EKM. May be one day I will visit the puram.. Do you know why they celebrate Thrissur puram?

Sarah, thanks for leaving a comment. I'll try to brief the history.

Thrissur Pooram was started by Sakthan Thampuran around 150-200 years ago. It started since thrissurians failed to attend a distant annual fastival due to rain (I am not sure). Sakthan Thampuran has arranged a alternative festival as a competition between the Thiruvambadi and the Paramekkavu temples.

Nadannittu ethra kuranju - thookam?
80-X=Y Huahahahahahah

where X is always 4, dango-george constant :-(

Hi Joju,

I know that you will be BASKING with your bugs. When you plan to end your BASKING, feel free to BASK with the updated

From another BASKING colleague

Thanks .. Now I have to find the temples and their histories.. BTW.. Do u know who was parunthachan?

Its Perunthachan Sarah.
He was a master carpenter who used to build many temples. He was one of the sons of vararuchi, which also included panan, pakkanar and naaranathu branthan.

He is supposed to be an expert in joining an ettukettu of a building especially temples. there are a few stories related to his son competition with his son and rumors that he had killed his son by dropping his chisel while work in progress.


are you referring

Mother's Day poster is cool as usual!!!


Hi Joju,

Thanks a Gooogool (Largest number they say, 100 raised to 100).

Anoop Surendran

so did the pooram fireworks really happen? i thot it was cancelled because of the accident..these days i dont read the malayalam paper every day.. so read it one day and dont follow up the next day.. so the news i get is half always now..

Yes, On the next night. + next to next day. I could here the voice while I was in the traffic Jam (on Tuesday around 11AM).

Surprise and happy to see your comment just after I comment on your blog.



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