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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Targeting 334KM on Bike from Chennai to Bangalore under hot sun (36 degree min)

I am not sure how long I can go. (My longest achievement on Bike as of now is just 65KM only (TCR to SKP)

Alternative options

1) Return after 150 KM if the ride is not on my way.
2) If I reach Bangalore, take two day long sleep and return
(then why I am going there; can't I sleep here ?? ;-)

Anyway my eyes are always ON for Volvo services at any time :-)

Can I meet a stretch goal of my 2nd wish today?


Waiting For You Dude

Thats cool! Do blog about the trip and post pics here.

You Did it Man !!! Huh

@Jo : sure I'll update it soon

@Dhanush : yeah...done. it was great buddy !!!



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