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5 years after my I drove in to the campus for the first time with Ikon. cool isn't it. the picture with BSA SLR came to my mind with which some time I went to the collage. Marked first entry for the get-together with Bijoy. smelled and took a deep breath of fresh mud after prev night's rain.

A few minutes later Manoj came and as usual started firing; why didn't us called him?!!! Soon Anil and Jiju joined. I never expected these much from Anil. Anil with long hair (tightened by a rubber band). Can you imagine?!! Jiju became a bit fat. still crazy about Cricket ! Playing for his company and it is his only exercise. Sooner vikas joined with his military type trousers.(did he was on Jail there; he got some number on that trouser ;-) within no time Manoj and he clashed on their 'philosophism'. No change even after 5 years. to whom should I blame !!

As expected Jubin joined us with wide open smile. "ellavarum ethiyo". shared Singapore experience very fast as possible as she could and hurried to know about what others were doing. it was disturbed with Sanavas' entry. in fact everybody was afraid of his heavy punches. While we surprised 'why he is still carrying bag?' Jiju had an immediate answer. 'it is his life kit yaar...contains one laptop, one banana, one pair of cloths, one magazine'.

Anitha came with Sainabi and her daughter Jeseenamol. she is smart little kid though she was resist to mingle with us. but we were glad to see that she was not crying. she was ready to go with other 'Girls' in the gang and with Shanavas. religion effect ? Sainabi seems a little bit frustrated about that communalist joke and begged not to repeat.

"Joj anybody else to come?"
"yeah of course..Dhanush might be a bit late. PB and Abhi will surely join."
"Jimson and Anupama are on the way" -Bijoy Added.

As soon as he finished Abhilash appeared near to Milma booth.
"No 1", everybody screamed; he was the roll number 1 in the class. a bit fatter , working with/under/for PB, still resists to smile. we promised him that we will talk to PB to revise his perks. still he is not smiling; what to do ?!

"what is the plans guys?"
"wait for Dango, Jim and Anu. I don't think that somebody else will come"
"we just roam around the campus and take some snaps, tea from wimbis, lunch from Lucia most likely"
"why can't we try somewhere else for lunch ?"

the talk is disturbed with the watchmen(he seems to be)
"Are you old students of this collage"
"Did you saw that new board?"
He was pointed to a new sign board saying not to use the ground without permission. Did he expected some bribe? Anyway he dared not to disturb us further !!

Dhanush joined the party a little bit late with his Nikon D50 (with -24-80mm and 70-300mm Nikkor Lenses and Minolta X-300 with 50mm Minolta Lens) and we decided to move to our new computer science block where we attended the class/seminar nearly for a month. For me, my teaching days were greener than the student life there. taught there around 5 months and the final year students were my juniors. really nice experience to tame the people who think they are the best in the college and they have gave no value to the teachers.

After taking some snaps we went back through our favourite Cricket ground; one of the best in Thrissur. I am not sure which all are the pictures flashed through my mind. But definitely it includes the first ball I had bowled with stitch ball to our seniors in the association match, trying to keep the wicket for Jiju's First over (he was a tremendous blower and it is tough to collect his fast balls with half tampered keeping gloves), Played against st.Thomas' college (my pre-degree college; best team in TCR) and st Aloysius college , a few class matches. and for sure the memories of Super Six match and the claps was the brightest among them.



Nice post dude. I really missed this meet!

It's quite unfortunate that now we need permission to enter our "own" play ground.

Btw, don't you remember Jaydeep's 3 consecutive sixes in your over during Super six match? :-)

ippo oru neriya orma varunnu. Appo athu orkkan time kittiyilla ;-)

But I was really glad to swipe that bad mark off on the sixth over after it :-)

And surly We will meet on next year, Buddy ! Most likely... same day... same time...
Keep waiting

Just blog-hopped here through Technorati. Hi from another Thrissurian.

Nice to see your comment. Thanks !
hey... you are a good singer. went through "songsofjo". Keep going...



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