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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Do you really think that your beloved one is getting good treatment at ICU [at night]?

Take care... my Uncle passed away the day before Y'day. We suspect that he was dead at 4AM and the ICU nurses didn't know it even after 5.30. and they played a cool drama to hide the fact. they asked his wife to buy some tea for him at 5.45 (why?) and called his daughter to ICU at 6 to show that he is head. His legs were ice-cold at 6. It will take at least one hour to become a dead body ice-cold!!!

The same unlucky Uncle has an experience in ICUs a month before. He has been said to my father that even after calling the sleeping nurse a couple of times, she didn't woke up and he made a loud noise to wake her up. Similar things happened to one of other relative too. They are telling that it is hell.

Why can't they allow at least one in the ICU?

Nobody in the world can take care of your parents better than you.

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Read another event from a Malayalam Blog here .


Any similar experiences?

Blame the Hospital man. Not all are same. So please don't generalise.

All three events were happened on three different hospitals. Then ?!

NO way other than a generalisation :-(

I agree with u. Even when my grandpa was asking to see me
when he was in the ICU. They dint allowed. "Oru maanuhika
parigana"... Actually they should allow atleast 1 person.



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