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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Ultimate Meera Jasmin Movie. Want to see her tricks !!! go watch it. you might feel that it is only 10min for the first half. And may see some director's trick too. two cool twists ...very smoothly... without your expectation... then second half. That time you will reach on a high expectation; sorry it may not reach upto that.

Just saw Meera Jasmin's face in the poster pasted on AVM, decided to watch it even without knowing it is Sanda Kozhi ;don't know to read Tamil :-( quickly finished the dinner at Campus (in front of AVM) and penetrate into our 'Tharavaadu' theater.(Watched many movies in the same one)

One twist was resembles to that of Madavan's move in the movie Run; Simply showed that he was frightened and acted as running away fearfully, finally trapped the street fighters into closed shutter. You may see a similar one in a different way. sorry for spoiling these much. still I bet you will not remember what I said now at that time. of course second twist is still waiting for you. Other than these three, I mean two twists + Meera Jasmin, do not expect further.

Cast : Meera Jasmine, Vishal, Raj Kiran and Lal
Director: N. Lingusami.
Accompanied to the show: Bijoy And Anoop
Post : Right after the movie (1.00 AM)


Mone Kochundraappee. Oru Tharavaadu, Nammude Thrissurilum undaayirunnu. Rose Gardens inte aduthu...

Athu ve ithu ve



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