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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

First time in my life I completed a English novel(was it a novel?) with more than 250 pages.

one night @ call centre by Chetan Bhagat.

only a few character set. otherwise I won't complete. of course other reason is that it is not in a very small font.

Happy to see that a big writter is also hating Cola. and he made me to think against pizza's too. And for sure not only call centre folks are wasting their talents !!! but lot more !!

Why do they require a genuine graphics designer/programmer to maintain their Java code base?
Why do they require a person who is capable of solving rhombic cube (also completed a Lisp program to solve the same) to maintain their mainframe?
why do they require a person who is very good at Theory Computers and Mathematical models to develop/maintain their network products?
All above said were my old b-tech classmates; now working at different MNCs.

And what @#$%^ thing I am doing here?
And why I sacrified all joyful moments of teaching ?

Just for money ?!!! (kassu enthayalum pulikkunnilla !!!)
might be two reasons:
I love programming too ; with out programming I can't live
Students are thinking that All teachers are worthless to get a software job, though they didn't ask me.
Even the drivers are wasting their time sleeping idle for the whole day in the parking lot ; of course in AC on their boss' account.


I agree with you on one point that a lot of people are wasting their talent by moving onto irrelevant domains.

"And what @#$%^ thing I am doing here?
And why I sacrified all joyful moments of teaching ?"

But this definitely cannot be the hing you should be asking. Teaching for me and you provided always the joyous moment. Then why did you and I moved. What was the motivation? Why did we leave our families and toil in places like mumbai, chennai and blore?

It is difficult to answer. For me it was various reasons.
One the sense of people around saying "Oh avante oru temporary joliyaa". Another one the expectations of parents. Another after studying 4 years in an Engg College I definitely wanted to know how a software program look like or how an application was build.

And I loved programming too, even though I caught with it a bit late.(But I still byhearted the LISP progs for the exams).

I too had the same sense what I am doing here, when I used to fill in test data, do unneccessary documentation, when I did Content Management Services while I was a Java Programmer. But then I think money and oppurtunity to work abroad are one of the "non pulikking" things that make people stay here. But I now know that these are part and parcel of the job. And every job has that. Its a kind of "akkara ninnal ikkare pacha" kinda sit. You cannot be always 100% satisfied with the job. And if you want to be, you may have to chase your wild dreams and for that you need to take risks and do actions for that. :)

PS: ON@TCC is one helluva book.

My dear sir i knew u will at least reach the sky though it will take some time to touch the sky.
Thats why i dint mentioned. Well about money... "Ente ponnu mashe" if i would had loved money
then why should i work for FSF and leave the call centre job in Chennai(Worked only for 4 days,
just to know what it is. "Ellam arinjirikkanamallo".) So am not an "Engineer" greedy for money
till now. Getting around 8k or 10k in India, I think, is sufficient for me and my family...

Njaan Paranjathu sheri alle?


You are lucky to be in a company which offers its employees ample opportunities to teach (if they wish). Please check out the T2ID (Talent Trasformation And Intrapreneurship Development)in our CORPMIS and stoping cursing yourself for leaving a teaching job for a s/w job.
Oppotunities are there.
see it and utilise it.

Anoop Surendran

@Danush: yeah it is difficult to answer. But?!!
The recruiters should know what they want!!! Or after two year, at least, the employee should realize what he is capable of and what he is doing here!!!!
Most difficult part is to decide next move. Very true in my case.

About ON@CC was made me bore at a few times.

@Sujith : Aagrahagalanu dhukhathinnu kaaranam. less money... less burden.

@rbk: I heard about the teaching opportunities in HCL, but couldn't find some helpful links. send me those links through mail. Also I had tried to teach linux for OJT (on job training). but couldn't access. the person who is teaching that stuff is not at all up to the mark (he was my tutor while I was in SUT ;-). yet if you hear some logicless explanation, it is politics.

But your comment motivates me to try again. let us see.



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