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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Seems contradicting ?

On April first I had proved that we can save at least two screws from the gas stove; I mean one screw from each burner.

We ( I and aith) had planned to cook beef ourselves on that day; ourselves means without SMT. So I had called mom to know the 'algorithm' and 'code-flow'. She stunned me with her answer.

"Aavasyathinnu uppu, mulaku, malli, inji, manjal, masala podi , pacha mulaku, vellulli chertharachu ara manikkor beef-il kootti illakki vevikkan vachathinu sesham Aavasyathinnu kachiya meat- masalayum sabolayum athil cherkkuka !!!"

Here is a tough English translation.
"Take necessary salt, chili, coriander, ginger, turmeric, masala powder, green chilies, garlic and mix it with beef then keep it for 1/2 hour, put it on cooker for around another half an hour;then mix necessary roasted masala/onion to it"

"Mom... all I want to know is what necessary means?".
"Son... do you know the size of spoon I am using here?"
"I don't know the size of spoon you are using..then how can I say the amount !!"

Did she called me "fool" too ?
May be my wild thoughts.

Anyway I decided to add 'necessary' amount of all those things. After half-an-hour we put it in the burner and turned the burner ON. though it turned ON, it's knob came out from it. Quality product!!!

So our attention turned into it. we successfuly found that one small screw (with max 7mm length and 1 mm width) was unscrewed down. how to screw it back ? it is very small and we don't have any screw driver even.

On further 'analysis' we found that it will be easy if we could unscrew a bigger one. we done it with a knife. and continue to screw 'the small' one. but still it was very difficult. On experimenting or say, reverse engineering with other burner, we found that we get wider area if we turned the knob a bit up. and successfully screwed 'the small' screw hence restored the knob to its original position.

While putting back the cooker to burner, we noticed that one bigger screw was simply laying near to the stove. !!! still the stove is working fine ;-)

As a member of 'Fools Garden' I am glad to do these kind of activities to keep my membership.
that too on our own day.

----- footnote----
My sister was 6 days late to born :-)


Hi Joju,

We did a great job, man.
Shall we spare a little time for our "handicapped" cooker this saturday?
its amputed legs are making me wake up in the early morning. Don't you know evry day chechi wakes me up to fix its cover?

"Kal karna tho aaj kar, Aaj karna tho ab kar" - If you find it difficult to decipher, call SMT.

P.S: Have a look at updated adkid.

Anoop Surendran


It was my job before you join us ;-) Ohh boy ..then it must be more than 2 months... our poor cooker still in handicapped state !!!

Let us fix it in no time.

Yeah I saw your new entry about helmets. coo!

aa foot note manasilayilla..onnu thelichu paradey..

Did I see a mention abt the Fools Garden..
1. The organisation which was baptised on the high hills of Munnar
2. Brilliant produce like a file system in linux (fgfs - fools garden file system) to its kitty
3. Members with amazing guts to present it as final year project!!

But we forgot to celebrate the fifth anniversary

viddi, lolan, joker, bondan thudangiyavarkku mandande aayiram aayiram abhivaadyangal...

Edai... everybody have to renew their membership.
send your recent foolish work.

Otherwise you will be getting removed from the president position.



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