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If I were Thomas Alva Edison, you might be still in Darkness.

Apart from my first five wishes, I 've one more wish.

Talk to my crush. She looks like an angel in her blue churidar. Girls can quite impress me with their neat dress. She has a big eye. Usually I don't like big eyes.( believe me, George don't like Parvathi, A mallu actress with BIG eyes, on her advantage-able big eyes which is attracted by many people.) yet I could see a beauty on her simple face. felt a crushing feeling. What to do !!!

How to talk. if she was in my 'floor' !!!(George wish). I was thought about going right into her chair and talk something. but couldn't .

Am I too shy to talk to girls ?
or lack in Guts !!!
really don't know how to make a situation with a natural occurrence :-( Most sad thing is... whenever she came right infront of me, I just avoid her !!!! I don't know how to start with. Is she avoiding me too?!! May be she is also shy to talk to Christian boys or she might be lack in guts ;-)

Am I loving her? huh!!
Not sure about that. How can I love her with just face and name!!?
But there is something which I can not express.

Should I talk !!!
whenever I see her I feel pain somewhere inside? Is it on my heart or in mind?
If it is in my mind, I needn't bother about her. let her live on her way.
if it is in... my heart?!!! ... Am in a big trouble :-(

So in summary I need to monitor my heart better :-)

Adding my 6th wish to others.

---- edited----
drafted this entry a couple of months ago and done minor modifications though content remains same.


Joju, you have been tagged, for more details

Eda, tag ennokke paranjal... njan ezhuthi pidippikanam ennu nirbhandham undo!!!

Kure undallo !!!

eday njaanum ninte floor thannae allae..enittu kanan kollavunna onninae poolum njaan ithuvarae kanditillallo dey....gochu gallan..araanu kashi?? ;-)))

Eda, that was my wish; if she was here :-(



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